NCTC ADN Fall 2012

  1. Anyone applying for the Fall 2012 semester at North Central Texas College for the ADN program? I went up to Gainesville yesterday and applied! I'm pretty excited because I didn't realize until mid-March that I would qualify prerequisite-wise to apply for any programs for Fall, so it was a pleasant surprise.
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  3. by   onbowens1
    Hello I will be applying May 14. I'm really excited. I have 10 points. So I was told to go ahead and study for the Kaplan. I'm really glad to find someone else on here who will be applying to the same Nctc Adn program. I wish you luck. Please keep me posted on your progress. Also where do you live? I live in Dallas and I would love to try and carpool for the first semester. Good luck to you :-)
  4. by   Zweiells
    I'm glad I'm not the only one on here applying! I'm also starting to study for the Kaplan exam; good luck to you too. I live in Denton, so I'm not too far from campus. Dallas is really far, wow! Do you have any plans to move closer after the first semester?
  5. by   anaw
    Hi, I also applied for Nctc adm program last week. I live in trophy club( close to grapevine Tx) wich is about 50 minutes driving to the Gainesville campus. I will definitely need a carpool if I get in to this program
  6. by   Zweiells
    Hello anaw! I see from your previous posts that you have also applied to UTA. I was originally looking to do their AP-BSN program, but I had so much trouble with my advisor and heard how it's almost impossible to get accepted unpartnered that I decided to go the ADN route!

    Good luck to you with both NCTC and UTA!
  7. by   onbowens1
    Hey you guys! Nice to see more ppl are on here applying to the program. Zweiells, no I will not be moving closer but I was told that for the first semester we will be required to drive to Gainesville Mon - Thursday. But for the other semesters we will only drive to Gainesville twice a week and clinicals will be the other two days. And the closest clinical that they offer is located in Carrollton and that's about 15 min drive for me. So I believe that if I can just make it through the first semester, lol then I will be fine!! Have any of you taken microbiology yet?? I'm taking it this summer.And good luck to you both!"
  8. by   onbowens1
    Hello you guys!! I'm glad to see that more ppl on here are applying to the program. Good luck to you both of you!!
  9. by   anaw
    Hi zweiells!That is correct. I did apply for Uta spring 13. Is m partnered with Baylor , But I am hoping to get in the nctc program for fall so I can start early.To onbowens:Yes, I already took micro at Uta(thank God) it was one of the hardest class for me. I am taking college algebra this summer at TCC.
  10. by   Zweiells
    I'm taking Micro this summer at NCTC. I'm signed up for the hybrid class with lab at 8am, but if I switch jobs before class starts I may change to the later lab if possible. I'm nervous because I know it's a ton of material to cover in only 5 weeks, plus studying for the Kaplan exam!
  11. by   anaw
    What are you using to study for the kaplan test?
  12. by   Zweiells
    I had bought a Barron's nursing school entrance exam test prep book back when I was looking at a bunch of programs with different exam requirements, so I've been using that mainly. There are some weird critical thinking and reading comprehension questions so far (e.g. reading comp questions that really don't have to do with the associated passage, very subjective type questions, etc.), so I'm not sure if I would recommend it to anyone else.

    I also got the A&P for Dummies Workbook as suggested on the Kaplan webpage on NCTC's website. That has been good so far. Pretty basic review, but it beats sifting through 1000+ pages of my A&P textbook. I like that it's a workbook, so there are tons of multiple choice questions and matching and labeling exercises.

    I took a GRE prep course a few years ago and still have a huge test prep book that I may break out for help with a few areas that the Barron's book is lacking in.

    Anyone have any recommendations on materials they are using?
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  13. by   anaw
    hi all,

    wow! i just read this on the nctc website:

    [color=#b22222]"generic (not already lvn's) applicants: the nursing office received 90 applications for the generic program for the fall 2012. we have not yet completed processing the applications but we know at this point that those with 11-12 priority points should be testing and those with less than 10 points will not be testing. priority points and gpa's were extremely high this semester. it is possible that we will not be able to test all of the 10's. those with 10 points will be ranked by gpa. our plan is to test approximately 60 generic students for 36 slots."

    good luck for those who will be able to take the kaplan test!![color=#b22222][color=#b22222]
  14. by   onbowens1
    OMG!! I just read it!! I'm extremely nervous now!! I have 10 pts and my GPA is 3.83... I pray that I am able to test... this is so stressful... But good luck to everyone!! :-)