NCTC ADN Fall 2012

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    Anyone applying for the Fall 2012 semester at North Central Texas College for the ADN program? I went up to Gainesville yesterday and applied! I'm pretty excited because I didn't realize until mid-March that I would qualify prerequisite-wise to apply for any programs for Fall, so it was a pleasant surprise.

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    Hello I will be applying May 14. I'm really excited. I have 10 points. So I was told to go ahead and study for the Kaplan. I'm really glad to find someone else on here who will be applying to the same Nctc Adn program. I wish you luck. Please keep me posted on your progress. Also where do you live? I live in Dallas and I would love to try and carpool for the first semester. Good luck to you :-)
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one on here applying! I'm also starting to study for the Kaplan exam; good luck to you too. I live in Denton, so I'm not too far from campus. Dallas is really far, wow! Do you have any plans to move closer after the first semester?
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    Hi, I also applied for Nctc adm program last week. I live in trophy club( close to grapevine Tx) wich is about 50 minutes driving to the Gainesville campus. I will definitely need a carpool if I get in to this program
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    Hello anaw! I see from your previous posts that you have also applied to UTA. I was originally looking to do their AP-BSN program, but I had so much trouble with my advisor and heard how it's almost impossible to get accepted unpartnered that I decided to go the ADN route!

    Good luck to you with both NCTC and UTA!
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    Hey you guys! Nice to see more ppl are on here applying to the program. Zweiells, no I will not be moving closer but I was told that for the first semester we will be required to drive to Gainesville Mon - Thursday. But for the other semesters we will only drive to Gainesville twice a week and clinicals will be the other two days. And the closest clinical that they offer is located in Carrollton and that's about 15 min drive for me. So I believe that if I can just make it through the first semester, lol then I will be fine!! Have any of you taken microbiology yet?? I'm taking it this summer.And good luck to you both!"
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    Hello you guys!! I'm glad to see that more ppl on here are applying to the program. Good luck to you both of you!!
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    Hi zweiells!That is correct. I did apply for Uta spring 13. Is m partnered with Baylor , But I am hoping to get in the nctc program for fall so I can start early.To onbowens:Yes, I already took micro at Uta(thank God) it was one of the hardest class for me. I am taking college algebra this summer at TCC.
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    I'm taking Micro this summer at NCTC. I'm signed up for the hybrid class with lab at 8am, but if I switch jobs before class starts I may change to the later lab if possible. I'm nervous because I know it's a ton of material to cover in only 5 weeks, plus studying for the Kaplan exam!
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    What are you using to study for the kaplan test?

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