Navarro College Nursing 2013 - page 7

Is anybody else out there applying to Navarro? The deadline is fast approaching and I'm already a nervious wreck. Last year's students started a thread to support each other during the wait and I... Read More

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    that's the way i understood it...

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    Are there any bridge applicants on here? I think that it's time for y'all to find out.
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    I'm a bridge applicant and haven't heard anything yet. Someone called and said bridge applicants would know by the end of this month though
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    I got in!
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    That's awesome!!!! Congratulations!!!!
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    Congratulations! When is orientation?
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    April 30th
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    Diana- I believe you join into the current freshman ADN class when we start back up in the summer for our sophomore year. Congrats!!! See you soon.
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    I also applied to the ADN program at Navarro college. I did get a call but no official letter yet.

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