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Is anybody else out there applying to Navarro? The deadline is fast approaching and I'm already a nervious wreck. Last year's students started a thread to support each other during the wait and I have read it so many times. I... Read More

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    stormi12- I mailed my registration for camp back in May and never heard anything. Has anyone heard about the drug test? I registered for it awhile back but havent heard when or where.

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    TexasGem26- I called Ms.Jones yesterday and she said she only calls if she hasn't received something from you. And that everyone accepted has everything turned in so far.
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    waxachie lvn 2013! we will do it
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    I know this is an older thread but I'm applying to the adn program for the fall of 2015. I've read through comments but was really wondering what everyone made on the teas test? How many total points ? And if you got accepted! Any info would help

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi! I am happy to answer your questions. I was accepted in fall of 2013 and I will be graduating in May 2015. I made a 90 on the teas test. We didn't have to take the science or math portion so it was fairly simple. I think I had between 110-115 points total. If you do well on the teas test it really sets a good foundation to have a higher amount of points.
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    Thanks for the info! How would you rate the program? Are the first semesters harder than the last few or the other way around ? Also did you have all the core classes done before you started the program ?
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    You're welcome! I had all of the required core classes done before I started the program, I think it is much easier that way. There are some people who have taken a couple of classes online while in the nursing program but I know it can get pretty hard keeping up with everything. I still have other core classes like government and economics that I need to take for my BSN after I finish this program, but I will cross that bridge when I get there. Anyway, it's hard to rate the semesters from hardest to easiest because they are all pretty hard. It just gets a little easier as you go because you figure out the best way to study and you get used to the tests and everything. It's kinda like when you are out of shape and you start working out and it really sucks at first but then one day you are working out and you realize that it's really not that bad anymore because your body is used to it. But I have to say that workload wise, the first semester was challenging because we had a ton of tests and skills labs. We had to go to Corsicana a lot during the first semester. The second semester had less tests but more clinicals and assignments to do. The summer semester was a lot of information crammed into a very short time. And the current semester only has 4 tests and a final but we have more clinicals than we have had in the previous semesters. It's hard and can be stressful at times, but its also fun and rewarding.
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    Is there a lot of assignments that go along with the clinicals? Or is it just hard to manage time while taking classes and doing clinicals? Also did you work any while in the program or just focus on school ?
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    Also Cheyenne do you know what the least amount of points that someone was accepted into the program with? I have pretty much all As and a 3.8 gpa but made a 78 on the reading portion of the teas test. I'm worried about that

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