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Is anybody else out there applying to Navarro? The deadline is fast approaching and I'm already a nervious wreck. Last year's students started a thread to support each other during the wait and I have read it so many times. I... Read More

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    I have 3 kids.
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    Hey Jherford!! I got into Corsicana(: Can you inbox me your phone number!!
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    That is what I was wondering? Brave2013 what campus??
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    So I mailed my money order/registration for nurse camp last wednesday. Will they send an email confirming they got it? I tried calling twice today and no call back or answer.
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    waxahachie campus, how about you
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    sorry i have been checking out this site but am looking forward to it. i hear its tough, but we have to sacrifice. let me know if you get accepted.
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    Moragwa which campus?
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    anybody coming from Arlington that got accepted lvn waxachie cumpus?2013
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    @ 2013baby I am from Cedar Hill and I got into Waxahachie. Can't wait to meet everyone at orientation. Does anyone know if we wear scrubs to class everyday?