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  1. Hi,

    I just accepted an RN position at Seton Williamson and I need to move to Round Rock area from California. I know it's a huge decision. I don't know anyone in Round Rock and I need your suggestions on which is a good apartment to rent? Which elementary school you like best?

    Thank you for your help!
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  3. by   CyclicalEvents
    Round Rock is like a large, more conservative suburb of Austin. I don't know much about apartments, but this is a nice review site - Round Rock Apartments for Rent - Round Rock Apartments Reviews and Ratings

    You might also want to consider a house. My parent's got a decent sized 3 bedroom for about 600 a month, granted this was several years ago.

    The public schools in general are better than most of Austin's. You can check on this site Round Rock Schools - Round Rock Texas School Ratings - Public and Private if it's a real concern.

    My sister went to what might be considered the "worst" high school in Round Rock - Stony Point. Worst is relative, because it's a great school and you probably wouldn't find better in Austin, except for maybe Westlake or the Magnet school

    This seems like a great resource. Click on Schools at the top right and you can learn test scores and more interesting stuff
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  4. by   txredheadnurse
    Welcome to the Central TX area! I lived in Round Rock for 10 years and currently live in another Williamson Co. town. Round Rock has most of your basic shopping and entertainment needs right at hand and Austin literally abuts Round Rock to the south so you are never far from good eating, shopping, outdoor recreation, entertainment and something is almost always happening every weekend.

    The hospital you are going to is small but new and well equipped. Housing in the Round Rock area, especially apartments, can be pricey but the majority of the complexes are newer, well appointed and fairly convenient to moving around town. Actually nothing is very far or hard to get to in the Round Rock area from any other spot inside Round Rock.
  5. by   ShannonN

    Thank you for your reply. I have been looking online for apartments and their reviews. Most of the apartments received very low rating from previous tenants. Do you know a specific place that you can recommend? Any where between Austin and RR is fine. I am flying in next week to check out the apartments. Thanks.
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  6. by   txredheadnurse
    I would say the Chandler Creek, Garden Villa and Brushy Creek Village are probably three of the best ones for their price ranges. Remember when looking at reviews that folks tend to post when unhappy but not post when they are happy so I consider all reviews a bit biased.

    In addition you can do a google search for apartment locators and arrange to meet with a couple of them when you fly in next week. They tend to have the most current knowledge of move in specials, smaller units which don't advertise much (but can have some of the best bargains & quality of life), which amentities are available, etc. and can save you a lot of running around in an unfamiliar community trying to find a place to live while also on a deadline to conduct other business.