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Midwestern State University Spring 2013! - page 5

I saw that there wasn't a thread on MSU Spring 2013 yet... Recently received my acceptance letter through e-mail! So excited to get started on this new journey. Anyone else?!! To the alum or... Read More

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    Hi nurselady,

    I applied to the accelerated program and I interviewed on Friday. The ladies I interviewed with were very nice and approachable and seem extremely helpful. You will have to bear with them because since this is a new program they are trying to work out the kinks. I was told that we would hear an answer about acceptance on Wednesday 5/8. Orientation is the 30th and the program starts june 3rd. I asked about program cost but they weren't able to give me a number yet. From what I was told, the program is going to go very fast and will be done by next August. They are taking 30 admits
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    hello all i just applied for the spring 2014 class hope i get in, i was just curious how long did it take for guys to start getting acceptance letters for the spring 2013 class, as in when do they start sending emails, thnx and congrats to u all
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    Hey maurynawyno I also applied for spring I still haven't received an email I called they said by thanksgiving we should have them.
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    When do I apply for the nursing program it's August and I still need three classes but I'm really hoping to get in for the summer of 2015 also ladies what are your thoughts on the accelerated versus generic program

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