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Methodist Hospital Residency - Houston

  1. 0 Anyone else apply to Methodist Hospital in Houston? Hear anything from them yet?
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    I applied. Have not heard anything yet. I applied to the Psych position and the general nursing position.
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    I actually called today to check on my application (applied sometime in late April) and HR told me I was not chosen for this position.
    However, the GN program for Methodist West is open and I applied for that. Haven't heard from them.
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    @costaricasurf sorry to hear that! thanks for the heads-up though. i will definitely be calling them tomorrow morning to check on my status.
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    Hello everyone,

    I applied to Methodist and will be doing an interview with them. If you haven't received a response yet, make sure you give them a friendly (but professional) call-back to see if they received your rsum and if they have any questions in regards to your credentials in your application.

    Also, if you met with them in any career fair at all, or in any setting, make sure you send them an email within 48 hours to say "thank you" for the chance to speak with them and to know more about the facility; add your strengths and highlight the hospital so they know you took time to research the facility. From what I have been told, and my own experience in job searching, it also doesn't hurt to send them a written, thoughtful letter of thanks. A touch of kindness goes a long way. (I know it's a lot of work, but you've gotta pull out all the stops!)

    Best of luck and never give up!

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    I too applied and haven't heard anything as of yet. I am thinking I will make that friendly call to HR tomorrow. Trying to keep hope alive over here.
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    FYI I received a letter from Methodist West Houston requesting more information about myself.
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    i got the same email..
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    had a phone interview with the methodist willowbrook location this week. was told to expect a call next week to set up 2nd interview.
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    i got the same email from west houston as well good luck everyone
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    FYI I got an email invite with an assigned time slot for Methodist West Houston for their Graduate Nurse Interview Day next Thursday.
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    anyone offered a position?