MD. Anderson Residency Program (Houston, TX)-Spring 2012 - page 11

Just called MD.Anderson HR this morning about the residency program for spring 2012, I was told that phone screen will take place in next couple of days. She said she will email me if I am on the... Read More

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    Quote from nurse-to-be-2012
    Looks like MDAnderson does not have a dress code!!! Any color scrubs!
    Are you sure nurse to be? I'm getting excited looking at different color scrubs. What brands do you all like best?

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    Finally gotta call about an hour ago. My appointment is Tuesday @ 10. :-) I'm so excited to meet everyone!
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    @nurseforlife328- I have mine on Tuesday at 9:30am just might see you!
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    Have a great first day Nurse-to-be and everyone else who starts tomorrow! Tell us all about it later
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    hi all, would any of you guys mind sharing what your second interview was like? was it long? how did y'all prepare? anything helps!!
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    anyone hear back yet? If so, what unit are you on!

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