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Lvn Schools Helppp Houston

  1. 0 i decide to go to lvn school in houston,tx but i am having trouble in finding a school could anyone please help and list schools in houston,tx that offer this program. now i have everything in order its best for me to start asap. thanks in advance.
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    I attend Fortis College in Southwest Houston. It is a private college so that makes it on the expensive side. There are a few other private schools.. American Medical is one, but HCC is always an option and there is Alvin community college, San Jacinto community college and Lone Star community college. The best way for you to narrow down your search is go online to the TX BON and see who has accredidation because even is someone is offering a program; they have to be approved by the state to so that you can site for the NCLEX
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    is fortis a good school for the lvn program are you learning anything because i pulled reviews up on that school and it was not so good. i seen hcc require some classes to be taken and have great reviews on there program. i just want a school that has a great program that i will learn a lot not a school the teacher dont know anything thats what happen when i took the medical assistant program at medvance the teachers knew nothing. thanks so much for responding so far i have more schools to research.
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    Quote from shyred2581
    i decide to go to lvn school in houston,tx but i am having trouble in finding a school could anyone please help and list schools in houston,tx that offer this program. now i have everything in order its best for me to start asap. thanks in advance.
    i understand your concern; i will say the school is what you make. there are those that complain and say they are not learning anything and there are those like me that take home their books and read, and i also sit and listen to my instructors while they are teaching. i don't want to repeat this, so trust and believe that i am getting all of the knowledge i can.
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    cool thanks for the encouraging words i found a lvn program the college of health care professions/houston it starts in the summer all i have to do now is study the hesi study guide and score high.
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    I received my LVN from HCC a few years ago and I learned a lot. The LVN program at HCC took us to clinical at almost every place you can work as a LVN to gain hands-on experience. We had clinical at VA, Davita, a few nursing homes, the city jail, of course several departments in the hospital (med-surg, clinic, OR, Psych, Infectious disease, etc). I actually got to watch several operations. We were allowed to start IVs, insert catheters, wound care, patient teaching, injections, you name it our clinical instructors made sure we knew how to do it!

    I passed the board the first time with only 2 weeks of studying because they prepared us for it before we graduated. Another thing on my first job interview I was hired because the interviewer "Loved the LVNs from HCC"!

    The two prerequisite classes really help to prepare you for the program and thats only one semester. You could probably still register for summer session. HCC is serious about their LVNs and the practice!
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    thanks for the info i am so happy i logged back on i went to
    the college of health care professions and boy it was the worest experience ever they tried to force me into signing up for there medical assistant program mind you i took this program back in 2003-2004 and got my dipolma. they told me it would be better to retake the medical assistant program instead of the lvn i told them that i want to be a nurse but they just kept with it and stated that lvn is being pharsed out and replaced by medical assistant because they can do more but hello i am a medical assistant so hcc here i come i got to grind and get everything done on this checklist of theres hopefully i can make the june deadline if not october.
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    How was Fortis? I am looking into MAYBE considering a private college, but am a little hesitant since its more expensive. What is the NCLEX passing rate with this school?
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    I will be starting at Fortis. I have been enrolled at HCC and San Jac but I am on a waiting list and will not start till October of this year providing everything goes smoothly. On the other hand I have already been accepted to Fortis and will start April of this year and will finish April of next year. I am prepared to self teach myself..from what I have heard...I have been a CNA for awhile so some of the things I already its what you make of it. Its not easy and you have to have a schedule to follow... to Study the material when you come home to prepare for the next test. I will let everyone know how it goes for me!