LVN/RN School in the Houston area.

  1. Hey everyone. I'm new here. I am 21 years(male) old researching a career in the health care field. I've been mulling over many things such as a CNA, MA, RN, Surgical tech, Sterilization Tech, Patient care tech, Medication aide, you name it. Lately I've really been researching LVN and RN, seeing as they are in demand, not so much an LVN but still.

    My problem is, i can't seem to find any schools for either. I would prefer a technical school and not a community college. I know HCC and SanJac teach LVN but i prefer a technical school. Anyone know of any? There is a technical school in San Antonio, for an LVN, which i figured was the closest.

    I am also wondering is there are any technical schools for an RN or are they all true colleges? Seems like the research I've done was you either got an associates or bachelors in nursing to become an RN. Now when i say technical school i mean MedVance or something like Texas School of Business, a community college would be like San Jacinto College, Houston Community College or Wharton Community College and then a true college being Baylor School of Medicine.

    I went to the West Houston Medical Center since it is so close and asked HR about nursing, its a shame they weren't more helpful. Ohwell. I'm glad i found this website/forum and hope to hear everyones opinions.
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  3. by   cad4296
    May I ask why you are so determined to attend a technical school? I can tell you from experience going to a technical school is a huge waste of time and money. I attended medvance in 2004 and they were talking about plans to get an LVN program, but I still don't think that has ever happened yet. I wasted $10,000 there to get an MA certification which I still have yet to use. Contrary to what they'd like you to believe you will not find a job or make nearly what they will tell you and none of your credits transfer. Learn from my mistake! Go to a community college instead. There are several colleges that have LVN, LVN-to-RN bridge and RN programs in the Houston area. HCC, San Jac, NHMCCD, and I think wharton county CC all have LVN and RN programs. I think your best bet is to go the LVN or RN route. Do you know what area you want to work in? Is it more important to work in a hospital or long term care setting? There are some LVN positions in hospitals, but most of them require experience. Most LVN's that I know work in long term care facilities. Try going down to any of the community colleges nursing department. They should be quite a bit more helpful than a hostipal HR department would be. Best of luck to you!
  4. by   IfGodSaysYes
    There is one technical school that I know off in San Antonio is called Galen Health Institute. They have LVN and their # is 210-733-3056. I don't think there is a V-tech NS in houston, pls let me know if you find one.hahahaaa.