LVN to RN online Program in Texas

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    Anyone know of a good LVN to RN program for Houston, Tx, besides (RUE, College Network)??
    I tried Lamar College but they have put the program on hold, they accepted all of my classes and I was in process of completing my other pre reqs.

    Thanx in Advance
    Michelle LeBlanc
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    College Network is not a nursing program. They only provide (very expensive) study materials that are supposed to help you with CLEP tests. Do a search here on AN & you will uncover a lot of information about College Network.

    HCC, Lone Star & San Jac all have low-cost LVN-ADN bridge programs. Most (non-lab) pre-requisites can be completed online. But even the expensive commercial (investor owned) programs in the area cannot be 100% online because there are clinical practicum requirements. Keep in mind that it is very difficult to get an acute care job in the Houston metro area without a BSN.

    Best of luck to you.