LVN programs in Houston and a Dilemma

  1. Hi All,

    Firstly, I'm having a hard time finding LVN programs in the Houston area. Does Memorial Hermann offer a program? I read that they do, but I can't find any information online at their website. I know Houston Community College has one and Cy-Fair, but Cy-fair only has fall starts and I need to enroll by this spring. Any advice?

    Now, my dilemma. As of this fall I will have an A.A. in 'pre nursing' just meaning I've taken all the courses I need to ensure that I can get a BSN once I transfer to a BSN program. I have a 3.9gpa, great science and math grades etc. Suddenly I find myself in a precarious financial situation because of some family problems and I'm afraid that I may be left with no marketable skills to be able to take care of myself. I haven't worked outside the home in almost a decade and a "pre nursing" associates is useful for what? So now I'm faced with possibly having to throw all that hard work --and it has been hard I am not a natural math/science person I put a lot of sweat and tears into that gpa-- to the wind.

    I'm just afraid that I'll get the LVN and start working and then when I'll never be able to go back to school because my family is too dependent on my income. Or I'll have to take all those "core" science classes over again because no school will accept them after 5 years and then I'll still have two years of school and clinicals for a B.S.N which means all I've been through these past two years will be meaningless.

    I know this is not just nursing advice, it's life advice. But I'd appreciate hearing the perspective of nurses on the struggle of turning an LVN certification into a BSN. I could take the risk and just go the BSN route and pray that over the next two years catastrophe doesn't strike, but that's seemingly less and less likely.
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  3. by   misserella8036
    Memorial hermann at memorial city has an lvn program. It's days and I believe it starts in january. They don't take any financial aid. But if you could get in I hear it's a good program. Lots of hands on in the hospital. Also cy-fair has a spring start nursing session now. You can go to their website for more info. The application deadline is September 15. Good luck!
  4. by   earthlynurse2be
    Which programs do you all recommend? I am sorry to hijack this thread but would love to know b/c I am looking at North Harris College for the LVN program but if there are mor that are good I am all for it? Any recommendations?
  5. by   earthlynurse2be
    Sorry to hi jack the thread but what LVN programs are the best if anyone doesn't mind me asking? I am looking at North Harris College but wondering if there are any others out there that are good.

  6. by   MJ18181a

    I'm not really answering your question. But since your ultimate goal is to obtain your RN, you may try looking at evening classes or a part time program to reach your goal.

    I know Kingwood College has an evening program for students that need to work. Also, many schools will let you go part time once accepted into the program.

    When there's a will... there's a way! Don't give up.

    FYI, I was told (by an HR recruiter) that once you get a round of clinicals completed you are very marketable for a Tech or Clerk job at the major hospitals in Houston (some positions starting ~$15.00/hr with benefits, including tuition reinbursement).

    So you may consider working at the hospitals part/full time and also go to school. It can be done.... it may not be easy, but it can be done.

    Good luck with everything.