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I was originally completing my prereqs at Kingwood and due to a change in circumstances, have applied to North Harris for Fall 2011 (with Tomball and CyFair as 1st and 2nd alternate choices). Since I have missed the information... Read More

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    Yay Supaflyz!!! We r all on another thread. Dont know if u have seen it. Just search lonestar hopefuls. Theres about 44 pages i believe. Lets make a fb page.

    Angel S.

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    I am so happy for you guys who have your letters. I haven't checked my mail yet, but I'm dying to get home and check.
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    I just got my letter! I'm so happy!
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    Congrats CCSEGO!!!!
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    PEYTON12 did you get your letter?? If not, don't worry, I had an 11.18, and just got my letter today from NH. Thanks ads85, were you able to get the group thread going??
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    Hi there! I read through all of y'alls posts and found them extremely helpful!! I started college not knowing what I wanted to do so I finished my A.A. degree and decided that I would apply to the Radiology program. After doing volunteer work I received advice that was decision changing. So I decided to apply to the RN program. I am great in biology and really enjoy learning about the body, even have a way of remembering all the terms!!

    I have just finished Intro to A&P and got an A. This fall I am taking BIOL 2401. I will have all of the required courses except BIOL 2402 & Medical Microbiology by January app time. If I dont get accepted because those are not completed I am positive I will get into Kingwood which app starts in Aug and classes start the following January, I just don't want to wait that long and put my family through a longer period of stress.

    Has anyone ever gotten accepted without yet completing BIOL 2402 & Microbiology? I will be taking those in the Spring but since they are not fully completed and will be in progress they don't get looked at. I have made A's in all the pre-req's and plan on doing no less in BIOL 2401. I have even completed Math 1314.

    Just wanted to see if my chance of getting an acceptance letter this March was likely....
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    Anyone know the cutoff for fall 2011 at North Harris? I heard it was low like 10.90? is that right? I just wanted to make sure. Anyone thinks that the cutoff would be the same also this coming up?
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    Do you have to attend the M-F 8-5 for three full weeks at the start of the program? This is a problem for me. I can do one week, maybe two but not three full weeks due to my part time job and lack of childcare for that length of time.
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    Hi Browneyes,
    I can't say for sure what your schedule will be for your entering nursing class this Fall, because they have done it a little different for the past 2 entering classes. As far as I know they plan to do the same next Fall as they did for us in 2011. The labs are everyday for 3 weeks, but even though they say they are all day, they're NOT. They tell everyone to be prepared to spend all day there and this is standard, but the reality is once you are placed into a clinical group, your whole group will have a set lab at the same time, each day for approx. 2 hours each day, but be advised it may change every week. For example mine was from 8:00-10:00, everyday the first week and then the last week they rotated the groups around so the same people didn't have to be there so early and my group had lab from 10-12 that week. The problem is you will not know what time you will have lab until right before school begins, thats why they tell you at orientation that you have to be prepared to be there M-F 8-4. I know this really sucks! but unfortunately it is just the way it is in the nursing program. It is culture shock at first, because it is simply not like regular school, but after the those 1st 3 weeks you will follow your regular schedule. Lab is really fun though and you learn alot!!
    Good luck
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    Would anyone consider north harris a good nursing school?

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