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Hi there, I searched for Brookhaven to make sure there wasn't a thread for this but all I found was people that were getting in this fall at Brookhaven. I will be applying this fall to Brookhaven and will hopefully start in the... Read More

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    Interesting, for this last application period we did not need to do a professional writing example. I see that is a new requirement on the website. I wonder how that will turn out!

    Congrats on the 94.4 HESI score, that is awesome!!

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    Yes the writing is new, I was bummed to see that because I was already nervous about the interview! I went to talk to admissions about it because I really didn't know what a writing sample meant, they told me is was mostly just to see that you could write, spell, speak english, the lady I talked to didn't seem to think it would be too much of a problem. I will have 33.4 points but who knows how much I will get from the interview or writing sample (I get nervous in interviews and I have terrible handwriting! )

    Briterz if you don't mind me asking, what was the interview like? I heard they were group interviews, is that true? Any advice? Thanks again for the input!
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    Yes it is a group interview. You and 4 other students are interviewed at the same time by a panel of 4 nursing instructors. Each student is asked 2 questions and the questions are usually multi-part such as "Explain a time when you had to deal with a difficult situation, what did you do to overcome it and if you had to do it again what would you do differently?". All the instructors on the panel have score sheets in front of them and they all score you on your answer. They do not tell you what your score is either.

    I was extremely nervous going into the interview but once I sat down and everyone (student and instructors) took turns introducing themselves I felt a little better. I was worried that the judging panel would be made up of these stern, cold instructors but they actually are very kind and make you feel at ease. You are allowed to take a moment after you are asked a question to collect your thoughts and if you need to you can ask them to repeat the question. I did both of these and I don't think I was penalized for it. When I was answering a question about some of my experience as a Resident Assistant at an Alzheimer care facility I even got the panel to laugh a bit when I was explaining a funny incident.

    My biggest tip is try not to ramble too much. Answer the question you are asked fully but don't ramble on for 5 minutes about the subject. A student in my group did that and it was quite annoying and you could tell the panel was getting a bit bored.
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    I, too, will be applying in September for the Spring start. I've taken the HESI, but will be retaking it since I didn't take it at Brookhaven the first time. I'm looking forward to getting that done so I can check it off my list! I'm just ready to get everything in and get things moving! Good luck to you!
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    Cool spope08, good luck to you too and maybe I will see you at the interviews:spin:
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    I just love this website! I love to read about each persons journey to being a nurse (pre-req, hesi, total points earned, application, interview, acceptence, etc). I will be applying to Brookhaven's nursing program in the fall of 2013 for their spring 2014 class. I come here to get tips from former/current applicants and to find out what I need to pay attention to most to get accepted in the program. So best wishes to everyone on starting the program and to those who have completed the program!

    Keep those comments and tips coming!
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    I will be applying to start in the spring as well! I have already taken the HESI for practice last semester and got a 93.. When calculating the points for your HESI score, is it just the difference between 74 and what we scored?

    I am extremely nervous to apply for spring semester, I heard our points need to be higher because they are excepting fewer people, anyone know if this is true? I've taken most of the support courses except dosage and micro.

    Good luck to all of us and I'm glad you made this thread so we can all keep in touch throughout the process!!
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    Jamie Texas it's the difference of 75 and what your HESI score is. I just attended an information session today and they said only 40 students are accepted in the Spring! So hopefully you're one! The speaker also said a lot of the students dont have the Dosage & EOL classes so you should be fine.
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    Thank you nursechoice! Did they mention anything about the point system with the Spring semester being a smaller group? I have heard rumors that 31 is pretty much the minimum for spring! Pressure!!
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    @Jamie Texas yes, he said to be competitive you need at least 31 points for spring acceptance.

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