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Hi there, I searched for Brookhaven to make sure there wasn't a thread for this but all I found was people that were getting in this fall at Brookhaven. I will be applying this fall to Brookhaven... Read More

  1. by   escapebigd
    Quote from Briterz
    The summer semester is the complete summer. You start the week after spring finals and I believe because you start the program in the spring your summer semester goes right up until fall semester starts with no break. You will be doing 2nd semester during the summer which is ALOT of material so that is why you go straight through with no break.
    We got about 3 weeks off from the end of July to the end of August, my group started last spring.
  2. by   SA2009
    I'm very happy to hear that - thank you escape
  3. by   Preemie 2 RN
    Quote from escapebigd
    We got about 3 weeks off from the end of July to the end of August, my group started last spring.
    Oh okay thanks for the correction! When I was at success camp and talking to some students who started in the spring that is just what I heard, that there was no break. Glad to hear that there is a break!

    I was just looking at last summer's schedule though. Didn't you guys have Med/Surg 1 clinical from 7/16 until 8/10??

    I am probably just confused! lol
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  4. by   escapebigd
    So we started Nursing Skills 2 a couple days after spring semester ended. We also started Med/Surg class then. We had that until the beginning of July. We had some overlapping of skills and clinicals, those were 3 days a week, so most I believe were done 1st week of august or the week before. We didn't have to go back until the end of august, so that was our break before we had to start fall. Fall was 3 5 week blocks of classes, peds, then OB, then psych. We are still waiting to see if we had the prerequisite 3-4 fail from psych this year. Now that semester is done my class is a little on edge because we had no break in-between the fall classes, and 3-4 tests every 5 weeks, plus volunteering, and random extra activities that were required to pass. Oh and lots of group projects!! It is hard to get through, and the prospect of being able to read before starting the next class is impossible due to still studying for the final on the class that is still going on. The only advice I can think to give is forget life for the fall semester and just study, spend the extra money on the Davis series of books, like Davis Fundamentals, Davis Pediatric Success, etc...
  5. by   Preemie 2 RN
    Wheew that is ALOT! You must be excited to start your final semester in January!!
  6. by   Laffitte
    I have heard from quite a few people that all the classes are difficult but that the Psych is EXTRA hard. People that study hard and ALWAYS get a 4.0 have failed many a test in that class. A question for all of you former and current students... What makes it so difficult? And does anyone ever walk out with an A?
  7. by   escapebigd
    Thanks Briterz, I'm looking forward to it. Laffitte, straight A students were making 50's and 60's on the first two tests, and were happy to make a C in the class. There will be a different teacher doing the class next semester so it might be different, but the main thing is the tests are very abstract/subjective. In med/surg it could be questions about low RBC and prioritization, in psych it would be what is better to say to such and such patient. In response to the A question, I don't know anyone that received an A in that class, including previous semesters.
  8. by   Preemie 2 RN
    I know I am so nervous to start psych in January!! I have heard horrible things about how hard it is!
  9. by   Laffitte
    @escapebigd - Good luck on the last semester!!!

    @Briterz - Good luck with Psych!!!

    If ever I cross paths with either of you, my name is Doni. Hopefully I'll meet all of you that have been so helpful in sharing your experiences. Thanks again!
  10. by   JosephQueen
    If anyone is still needing an affordable option for a physical exam, Richardson Walk-in Clinic on Campbell does the full physical for $49. Compared to the $150 and up charged most everywhere else, you can't beat this. The doctor was courteous and quick. I was in and out in fifteen minutes.
  11. by   SA2009
    Thank you so much, Joseph! I definitely can use that break. BTW, don't buy scrubs yet. They have changed that from before; everyone has to buy them from Majors.

    Also, Ms. Klocko has already opened Blackboard
  12. by   JosephQueen
    Has anyone gotten their books yet? What is the bundle price? We are allowed to look for them used are we not? I wonder whether the 9th edition is absolutely critical or not; the 8th edition is a great deal less expensive.
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  13. by   SA2009
    Yes, you can buy used books. The bundles is $650 at the BHC bookstore $120 for Fundamentals. You also can rent the Fundamentals.