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    Cyfair people... did anyone who went to orientation happen to catch the homework assignments? I know she said not to write them down but it looks like a lot of stuff and I would rather get started sooner than later... and I still have not received an email of what they are

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    Prayerful, I tried to write down the assignments, but she changed the screen so fast. I haven't received an email about that either. I would also like to know our schedules but they were so vague =( Have you gotten the books yet?
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    I have ordered like 3 of them so far. I noticed at the bookstore they came with cds and access codes so I emailed to see how necessary those things will be for classes. I know I can find the books cheaper but need to know if I need to make sure I get cds and access codes if they are needed for class and I never received an email back.
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    Going to pick up my books and pay for the mini...does anyone know if we need the lab kit for the mini?
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    So I know we have the rnsg skills class next week, but when is the mandatory orientation?
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    Quote from hlc123
    So I know we have the rnsg skills class next week, but when is the mandatory orientation?
    You are in Quest, right? The mandatory orientation was on October 8 (when we did the drug test). Have you been registered for your classes?
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    I was at the October 8 orientation, but isn't there a day in early January (Pizza Party) for orientation? I just don't have my packet with me that we received in orientation. I have been checking all day, and still have not been registered for class. I really hope to be registered soon!!!!
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    I am in Quest as well and have not been registered for the class next week. I also haven't received an email about next week...starting to wonder? I don't want to bother by calling them, but they really haven't been keeping is informed as far as the class times, materials, etc. I'm trying to be patient but don't like this last minute stuff!
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    I am going to agree with you 100%! I sent an e-mail regarding these same concerns earlier....I hate to bother them, but I will be as flexible as humanly possible if I can just be informed!!! I need information, especially since the class starts next week. Surely they would have let us know if there was a reason we were not being registered? Well, keep me updated and let me know if you get registered so I can start freaking out!
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    So glad I'm not alone.

    The pizza party thingy is Friday, January 11, 2013 from 7:30-5:00 in building CLA 104.

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