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Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?... Read More

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    Mallory86... is this because you want to start fall??? San Jac is still open for fall but is in pasadena... so that may be a problem. Also do you plan or doing transition after?

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    Yes I plan on doing the transition program after. I just wanted to get started as soon as possible and maybe get some experience in between the LVN and transition programs. I live in the Woodlands near the Montgomery campus, so that would be my first choice but I was not ready to apply during their application period. I am taking my A&P 2 final on Monday. I have taken all of the prereqs for the ADN program except for Medical Micro.
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    And I just took the Hesi for the first time yesterday
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    Sounds like you are on your way :-).. how did you do on the hesi? And did you calculate your score???
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    My english composite was 90 math 98 and a&p 92. I have an A in AP1 and I have an A in AP2 but I still have my final Monday. So, if all goes well, my score will be a 7.6. I don't have any idea what past cut off scores have been for the LVN program so I hope that is high enough.
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    I found the Vocab section to be the most difficult. I think I possibly could have improved my hesi score with a little more preparation.
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    How did you do on the hesi?
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    I think you have a shot.. I have looked at Lvn forums in the past and think that may be a good score.. but I will take another look. You may be able to give them a call and ask what the cut off was before.
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    I took my hesi for lonestar last august so I can't remember exactly.. but after taking micro or ap2 I wuld have an 11.78
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    That is a good idea! I may give them a call on Monday

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