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Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?... Read More

  1. by   iamleeann
    No blue card here either.
  2. by   pRaYeRfuL
    th blue card is from the BON, right???
  3. by   ShockEmRN
    The orientation is just welcoming everyone into the program and let's you know what to expect when it starts. They go over many resources like the library, counselors, financial aid, how to deal with stress, etc. They also go over the break down on how much the program will probably cost each semester. They'll probably go over the hw real quick that needs to be done before ur first day of class ( they usually go thru this slide really quick and tell u not to copy it down cuz they will email u the hw, but in my case, they were super late in emailing it to us, so id say write down what u see quick just in case). You'll also probably find out if ur assigned to the afternoon or morning section that day. Another thing....if ur doing financial aid, start it asap cuz they can be real slow and a pain in the butt to deal with. Each program does their orientation differently. I'm at cyfair , but I think at north Harris they might also do a urinalysis right after orientation. We also had a two hour break in the middle of the orientation on ours. Like I said, they're all different but I hope this helps some. Congrats to you all!
  4. by   pRaYeRfuL
    Hi Alexandria! How is it going for you? I was trying to keep up with your blog but they erased it ;-)
  5. by   ShockEmRN
    It's going OK. School is hectic with many projects, quizzes and tons of reading lol. But it's not impossible so that's good.
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  6. by   ikegrad2002
    I received my blue card Thursday. Just keep watching out for it in the mail. It doesn't come in a envelope, just a small blue post looking card. It may get mixed in your junk mail, so make sure you don't throw it away by mistake. It is from the BON and on it it states if your FBI/Background check is clear. See ya'll Monday : )
  7. by   pRaYeRfuL
    Crap now I'm worried lol...
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  8. by   ikegrad2002
    LOL. Don't worry. You will get it : )
  9. by   nataliea15
    . Thanks for the info on orientation. They proberbly will do a urinalysis because we have to pay before or on the seventh. I have been checking very carefully for the card, but nothing yet.
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  10. by   sapadgett
    I haven't received a blue card yet either and I've been digging in my junk mail everyday just incase. Lol I'm so excited about tomorrow!!
  11. by   creecree
    I recieved my acceptance letter to Kingwood as an alternate. congrats to all that got in. I applied with 11.236
  12. by   Jesbustos
    Congrats! Any thoughts or comments after today's orientation ?
  13. by   ikegrad2002
    I really didn't know who was who at orientation since I can't see anyone's picture, but I know I may have looked different in person than my picture up top since I had my eyeglasses on LOL! Orientation was good, now it's time to get all our paperwork in order for Dec 3rd. I hope I get day classes!