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    Hi everyone, I'm a new student into the second semester in lonestar NH.
    Any one who finished second semester ..If you can tell me about the classes and books?

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    Congratulations!! Cschoppe.

    I'm interested on your books. How can I get in touch with you?
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    Hey everyone. I was accepted for LSC Montgomery for their 2012 May start. Would anyone who received financial aid mind taking some time to explain to me what they applied for and what the process was like for them? Thanks!
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    Hello everyone I applied for the fall semester & I am waiting anxiously for the accpetance letters! I have a quick question....Can anyone tell me what the schedule is like at cy-fair for the first semester? I have a 1 year old and have to make arrangements with daycare. Any advice/ information is greatly appreciated!!
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    I'm a 1st semester student at CyFair and for the first 8 weeks of the semester we had lab mon, tues and wed and then a lecture class on friday (no class on thursday). We just started our second 8 week session of the semester and we still have labs on mon, tues, and wed but don't have class on thur and friday.

    The schedule also depends whether you're assigned to the morning group (usually we have class from 9:00 to 11:30) or the afternoon group (12:30 pm to 3:00).
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    Thanks Alex! So there isnt any clinicals the first semester?
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    No clinicals first semester . But we have Nursing Skills I and II though which are considered to be "clinicals" but we just practice in the nursing lab with the mannequins
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    Ladies, please visit facebook.com/LSCY.Nursing13, it is a facebook just for anyone trying to get into any of the Lonestar College systems nursing programs. So far it has been very helpful so far! I want all of us to be able to log in & chat with ladies going through the same thing and help each other out. The site will also be updated with helpful information from fellow future or current nursing students as well as information from all the Lonestar campus. Please go check it out! We would love to have more ladies or men! Also a great way to meet up with future or current students and have study groups or even dicuss problems you are having!

    Please go to facebook.com/LSCY.Nursing13 we would love to have our own community!

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    New facebook page is up for Lonestar Cy-fair's nursing program (for all admits, future admits and alumni).
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    Is anyone in here currently in the ADN program at Lone Star Kingwood? If so, I have a few questions about your schedule. I'm applying for the spring 13 start and I'm just trying to get a feel for what I can expect if I get in. If I chose the daytime program how many days/hours can I expect? Any info would be much apprieciated!!

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