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    Ok, this will probably sound like a dumb question, but since I haven't gotten my schedule I have no idea which texts are used for which class. Which one is this for and do we have homework in it or is that referring to a different Taylor book? Also, how would I go about getting you the $$ and picking up the book?
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    we can meet at outside the bookstore. if you're in the FB group, someone uploaded a document with all the textbooks needed for our classes. none of us are enrolled yet unfortunately. with the book i'm selling, it's for RNSG 1105 Nursing Skills and Intro to Nursing.. i think? it's confusing because the book is under both classes....
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    I sent my request in to be added to the FB group, but haven't been actually added yet. I would love to have the list lol, I like to be prepared. I'm guessing there is a way on here to message you information privately like my cell number so we can coordinate a time to meet up? I'll try to find a way.
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    really?? i'm an admin and i added everyone who requested.. is this you?

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    Ahhh yes, that's me :-) I've been at work since 5p and can't access FB on the desktop computer from here. When I had checked before I left the house I didn't have access, sorry!! I'll try to access it on my phone and send you a message on there, seems like that would be easier than blasting my personal info all over the interwebz :-) Thanks!!
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    hahahaha yeah
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    did u guys order dosage calculations 8th ed. or 9th ed? I ordered 9th ed from amazon but its not going to be available until after Jan 16th! I know that in the email from the nursing dept. it says 9th ed. and the bookstore list says 8th ed. My gut is telling me to cancel the amazom order and get the 8th ed from the bookstore. What do u guys think?
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    Hi and congrats to all in your accomplishment on getting in to the Nursing Program. My name is Laura and I have been in the same position that ya'll were in exactly a year ago. I am currently a nursing student at Cyfair College and am on my way to my 4th semester yay!!!it's still very bitter sweet for me lol. Well I happened to get on here to check out all the exited nursing students as well as to offer any additional help that you all might need. I noticed some of you were wondering about the nutrition book well we really do not use it that much but you might want to have a reference to use during class. The main books to have are the Taylor and Health assessment as well as the book with the author named "white" which if anyone needs to borrow mine I have as well as the Chitty book =) so good luck and you can do it=)
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    Hi everyone,

    I graduated from Cy-fair on Dec. 15th...it is possible to do this lol...and I GOT a job at Methodist Willowbrook so it is possible to do that too...anyhoo, I have lots of nursing school books that are up for grabs, including several care plan books that are general comprehensive care plan books and I have a peds one as well as a maternity one. If anyone is interested let me know. The only books I plan to save are my fundamentals book as well as med-surg.
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