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    Quote from alex1987
    Some books come with access codes and/or cds. I haven't received all my books yet but so far the ones I have that came with access codes and cds are: Health Assessment in Nursing (both), Dosage calculation (Cd only), Nutrition (access code only) Taylor's clinical skills (both) and Taylor's clinical skills checklist (access code only). All the access codes can be accessed through this website http://thepoint.lww.com so I guess if you get an used book without access code then you can purchase it from there.
    Does that mean we need access code for all the textbooks? Or just the ones that actually listed need access code next to the title of the book from the required list?

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    I have no idea. Usually if a new book comes with Access code and CD then the bookstore lists it next to the book title. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that we are going to use them on class. The instructor may not even ask to access the website or may ask to complete homework from the website, you never know. Because of that I'm getting all used books with unused access codes just in case we need them for homework or things like that. Like I said before if you get an used book without access code then check if you can buy it from the website, if you can then maybe you should wait till we go to class just to figure out if we're really using the access code so you don't waste your money... it's up to you lol

    I checked the homework list they gave us during orientation and for RNSG 1105 it says: Complete Taylor's online nursing skills, module 2, topics 1, 3.... and so on.
    I'm not sure but I guess "online" refers to the book website/access code maybe???
    I don't have the book yet so don't take my word for it. But if I'm positive then that's the only book (until now) we know we need to have the access code for sure.
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    @alex1987 thx!
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    Hey Jack (Flylikeabird) I recieved your message but for some reason couldnt see it when I got on here. Anyway, glad to hear you joined the FB group! The group admin. has to approve it, so you should be getting approved soon
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    I also sent my request to join the FB group today . Hope I get approved soon lol.
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    This is me waving hello and bouncing off the walls with excitement!! I got the phone call from Ms Anderson today that I am no longer an alternate and will be joining all of you in January!!! So so so excited I tried to access the FB page to put in my request, but I can't seem to find it. Help please??
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    Congrats! Are you am or pm classes??? the facebook page is Lonestar Cy-Fair ADN Nursing C/O Winter 2013 they will have to add you.
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    I have no idea lol. I'm assuming I will be assigned the schedule of whatever students place I'm taking. Also, Ms Anderson said that she would be sending me an email to make it official I guess?? I haven't gotten an email yet, though she said it would be a little while until the courses showed up on mylonestar. I'm hoping I get the email soon, makes me nervous lol!!! Anyone else get told the same thing?
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    I'm selling Taylor's Fundamentals of Learning Text Book brand new. I ordered the new one, but then a current nursing student is letting me borrow their old one, so I don't need the new one anymore.
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    How much??

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