LoneStar College Kingwood summer 2012 application period

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    Anyone else applying this summer to LoneStar-Kingwood for Jan. start? Just trying to see if I could find anyone in the same boat as me!

    I apologize if there is already a thread for this...I searched and couldn't find one.
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    HI SAPADGET! I will be applying July 7 for the Jan 2013 start for kingwood. I passed my Hesi exam today, I have a 11.53 and 3.5 GPA. Hopefully I get in : )
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    Awesome! That sounds like a really good score!
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    THANKS! Hopefully it is good enough to get in lol
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    The nursing advisor at kwood told me that last year's cutoff was 11.4 so I bet you'll be ok with your score if the cutoff is around the same! Is that the only school you're applying to?
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    Hey Yalll!!! I am applying to the Quest program at Kingwood! As a second degree student
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    That's awesome!

    When's the start date for that one? I'm not sure how the quest program works??
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    HEY JESBUSTOS!!!!!!!...............@SAPADGETT, I hope so and I was looking into Chamberlain College of Nursing as well, but it's expensive!!!!
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    Kwood is the only one I'm applying to this period..if I don't make it then I will apply to Mont & Tomball in Jan!! I'm applying with an 11.7 so we'll see!
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    Yes mam! You are very much getting in with that score!!!!!!