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hello, has anyone received there letter of admission for the ADN program at lee college for the fall semester of 2012?... Read More

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    Has anyone received anything yet?
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    I got my packet in the mail today. I was also accepted to Alvin Community College, so i'm not really sure where I want to go.
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    Wow! Do you live in baytown?
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    I live in Mont Belvieu which is a lot closer to Lee, but Alvin has a much higher passing rate and they have less students in their program. I just really want to go where I will learn the most.
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    I received my packet yesterday
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    got my packet!!!!!!
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    thanks!! i am sure your package should be on its way. my friend has not got hers either but i am sure you guys will!!!
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    HI, i have been following the forum for a while now i applied also for the 2012 ADN program . I want to know does the deadline for to turn in the paperwork is the same for everyone and when is the deadline for all the nursing acceptence and denial letters to be sent out. I keep hearing different dates. Good luck to everyone
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    hey, i got my letter saturday and my papers are due by next week on tuesday. i am not sure about all the others.
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    Hey!I need some advice. I applied to San Jac and Lee college for the Fall ADN programs. Im still waiting to hear from San Jac, but Lee has accepted me... I want to know which program, if either, is better? I looked up the passing rates on the NCLEX and they are very similar for these schools (Lee-82% San Jac- 84%). Any advice would be great! Lee College want my decision by July 2cnd :-/ Thank you in advance!Melissa S.
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    How did everyone do on the hesi?
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    my scores wore alright i did not study but i did not pass the vocab. ugh!! how did you do?

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