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hello, has anyone received there letter of admission for the ADN program at lee college for the fall semester of 2012?... Read More

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    me too, i wish i could be in your shoes.

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    Hi everyone! I have been a follower for a while, but just recently activated my account. The suspense is driving me crazy; my poor mailman must think I am a crazy lady since I run out everytime I hear his truck coming. I am trying to brace myself for a let down since I haven't finished Micro (started the class yesterday) but maybe, just maybe, my GPA will push me into the accepted pile of applications.

    Fingers crossed!
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    hey nicole, well all of us are still waiting. hope we get those letters soon and about the class well i wish you the best!!
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    Has anyone received anything yet?
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    I got my packet in the mail today. I was also accepted to Alvin Community College, so i'm not really sure where I want to go.
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    Wow! Do you live in baytown?
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    I live in Mont Belvieu which is a lot closer to Lee, but Alvin has a much higher passing rate and they have less students in their program. I just really want to go where I will learn the most.
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    I received my packet yesterday
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    got my packet!!!!!!
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