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:tinkbll:anyone got accepted at lee college in baytown for the adn program fall 2011.....i did and i'm so excited.:yeah:...just wanted to know if there's any other an veiwers headed to lee.:nurse:... Read More

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    I was curious of how many graduates graduate each year??
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    How did everyone do on the hesi?
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    i did ok
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    Hello everyone! how are you?
    I tried to apply for ADN program at Lee College for fall 2013. I searched online and found this forum.
    Congrats to every who in the program .. I heard Lee College doesn't require you to take any entrance exam (Hesi, Tea V...) IS THAT TRUE? Because I didn't do good on my Tea v exam .
    Please let me know and if you can advise on what I should take or do to get acceptance into the program.
    Thank you so much for your help...
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    Hello CNLE, I am new to the forum nevertheless, I see you applied with Lee for the Fall 2013 term & so did I. I recently completed Pharm & as soon as my grade post, I will take transcript. So do you know of any1 thats in the program?