Lamar State College lvn - rn online program

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    Does anyone know anybody who has attended or is attending lamar state college lvn-rn online program in tx?

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    I am currently taking the program. The program is very fast paced. Each class is about 5 weeks long. You have several assignment's due each week. I was in the LVN-RN program in HCC and had to drop out for medical reasons. Then I decided to do this on-line program. I use to think that HCC was hard. Now compared to this program, HCC is a piece of cake. From my personal experience I would recommend you go to a local college, where you attend a class. If you do not have that option because of your circumstance then you can do this program. Be ready to study and work for many many hours.
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    Thanks for the info, so have you started clinicals yet? Good luck with the program, I think i will work on my prereq first and then look for a local community college.
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    I just need to take 2 more medsurg classes, then I start clinicals. I had to drop my medsurg class that started yesterday cause I did not have the money for it. So I am going to take it in august, then I believe the next one would be in october, then I will be ready for clinicals. I will let you know how clinicals go.
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    So do you think it can be done by anybody or it takes a lot of guts coz I was interested at first coz all classes are online so i could continue working full time, but now i'm kinda second guessing myself. In the mean time I'm gonna focus on my prereqs. I hope it works out for yu, keep in touch and let me know yr progress and clinicals.
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    I just graduated May 20th, waiting on my ATT. It can be done! I think everyone in my class worked Full Time, but you have to be dedicated to put in the hours when you get home. I missed out on many things with my family, sitting in front of the computer, doing homework (discussions), writing papers, reading, reading, and more reading. With that said; IT CAN BE DONE!!! It is done at a fast pace, but put your seat belt on and you will be fine.
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    I am scheduled to start this program in june, and I am REALLY nervous, I also plan to work full time doing home health, and have three kids, is there a lot of testing? or is it more class work and a big test at the end of class? any advice you can give , I would appreciate, do you think it was easier than lvn school since you had some experience under your belt? thanks so much for your time
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    "students" section for this discussion
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    can u give my some tips on RNSG 2514
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    im currently in the program but I cant seem to pass RNSG 2514

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