I'm at a crossroad- advice needed on TX RN-BSN programs | allnurses

I'm at a crossroad- advice needed on TX RN-BSN programs

  1. 0 I am woring on the Pre-requisite classes to get into a BSN program, but there are so many different ones in the area.

    I am 32 and I'm switching careers. If I'm going to put in the time to go for my BSN, I want the degree to have as much impact as possible so I have a reasonably good chance of getting a job at a hospital upon graduation. Does anyone have any recommedations?

    I'm considering the following programs: Texas Tech (online), UT Arlington (on campus), Texas Women's (online) and Tarleton (@ TCC Trinity River Campus).

    Any feedback is much appreciated!
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    Are you already an RN? If so, all of the the programs you mentioned are very well regarded by employers. TWU also has a bridge program you may want to look into. Have you considered an RN-MSN program?

    If you are not an RN, you will need to enroll in a pre-licensure program, and these are really not available online.

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