I finished all my endorsement requirements. When do I get my permanent license? - page 2

Hey everyone, I'm a nurse from Illinois who relocated to Texas. I already have a temp nursing license for Texas. I finished all my endorsement requirements and the BON stated it would take ten... Read More

  1. by   Futurenurse108
    It will. I will send up prayers for you! May I ask what school in Illinois did you attend? Are you from Illinois or Michigan?
  2. by   JazzyOneRN
    I attended Methodist College of Nursing in Peoria Illinois....Im originally from Michigan, moved to Peoria just to attend nursing school and moved back to Michigan.
  3. by   kimmymik
    which state is better? illinois or michigan?
  4. by   JazzyOneRN
    Kimmymik What do you mean which state is better as far as processing license by endorsement?
  5. by   HCanniff
    Hello! So I am a new grad nurse and I will be getting my license in IL but just like you I got a job in MI and am moving pretty soon so I will be applying for my MI with my IL endorsement. I have been reading numerous posts about the more efficient way to do this. Do you have any pieces of advice? Is it true that if you drive your certification verification paperwork to Springfield that they would process it faster? If I send in my MI endorsement paperwork before I even get my IL license will they process my MI license faster once they receive verification from IL? I'm very stressed about this whole situation so like I said, any piece of advice would be amazing!