I finished all my endorsement requirements. When do I get my permanent license? - page 2

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Hey everyone, I'm a nurse from Illinois who relocated to Texas. I already have a temp nursing license for Texas. I finished all my endorsement requirements and the BON stated it would take ten days for everything to go... Read More

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    It won't be long..just seems like forever. The longest process was Illinois verify my license. Did you send in the verification form with the $20? If so it will be like 3-4 weeks after the day you verified them. Keep me posted when you receive them! Have you been applying? If not please do! I had a interview and was hired before I received my Michigan license..but I couldn't start until I received them in hand! So I start Tuesday! I'm excited & nervous at the same time.
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    Sorry typo it will be 3-4 weeks after you mailed them!
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    Yes I next day mailed the 20.00 to Illinois........Yes I have been applying all over....Oakwood, Karmanos, DMC, Beaumont, Henry ford you name it.....Congratulations Im happy for you, I know you're excited....I may have to apply to LTC facilities since I have no nurse experience, but I will continue to apply and pray something comes along soon.
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    It will. I will send up prayers for you! May I ask what school in Illinois did you attend? Are you from Illinois or Michigan?
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    I attended Methodist College of Nursing in Peoria Illinois....Im originally from Michigan, moved to Peoria just to attend nursing school and moved back to Michigan.
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    which state is better? illinois or michigan?
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    Kimmymik What do you mean which state is better as far as processing license by endorsement?