How to apply for St. Luke's graduate nurse residency

  1. Hi all! I'm wondering if any current nursing students have applied for St. Luke's graduate nurse residency, because I'm having a hard time finding where to apply! Or if you have applied in the past, or are currently in the program, how did you do it?
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  3. by   PearlGrey
    Hi mshull,

    Use this link below, choose the location you want, then click on it, it will bring up a new page, on that page enter "graduate nurse" in the keyword box and you will see the apply link, best of luck!!

    Career Opportunities Houston, Texas and Surrounding Areas - CHI St. Luke's Health
  4. by   mshull
    It must have just opened up in the past couple days, I wasn't seeing that before! Thanks so much!
  5. by   PearlGrey
    You're welcome.
    It opened up last week. The one for Lufkin opened up first two weeks ago.
  6. by   s.leblanc2014
    I applied too Best of luck for us.
  7. by   Purple77
    Has anyone heard back or received a job offer?