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Hi! I just got my acceptance letter this week into NCTC's 2013 LVN program (I am so very excited!). I would love any advice from current students. I know there is only so much I can do, but I want to get a head start. Are there... Read More

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    Quote from Lesley7267
    I am going to the in class program at Gainesville I cant wait to get things started. I took my drug test yesterday. I really want to know what books we need so I can get them now.
    That's awesome!! I can't wait to meet you and everyone else! I did my drug test yesterday as well. I just got my transcript for my A&P class and I'm working on my High School transcript and physical. We have to have 3 letters of recommendation right? I know! I want to buy the books so badly so I can start reading ahead.

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    At least 3 references. I have requested my shot record from Washington state military hospital and don't know how long that will take. Do you live near Gainesville? I live in Flower Mound so its about 50 miles one way.
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    I had my high school nurse email me my shot records but they had originally told me mine were lost so I got ALL of my immunizations again and they called ten minutes after I left the clinic and said they found them. It shouldn't take more than two weeks. I live in Keller/Fort Worth so it's about the same distance.
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    Quote from blauren91
    Whetr are you going to school?
    I'm not sure if that was to me or not but....I'm in Canada and taking the SIAST lpn program but through our community college. We start Feb 2013 and finish Nov 2014. There are 4 girls at my workplace who are just finishing this November, I'm so excited for them.

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