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i begin my story by explaining that when i was contacted by st. luke's to interview for their fall 2012 gn residency program, i was thrilled! i graduated in december 2011 with my bsn, i quickly... Read More

  1. by   Bonnie86
    I'm sorry you had to go through this. I have a few nursing classmates still looking for jobs a year later. I work at a hospital and trust me, you're better off where you are. I've said this once and I'll say it again, the ONLY GOOD THING about a hospital position is the three day work week. That's it. If I could find a position anywhere else working 3 days/week I'd be outta there.

    The patient to nurse ratio is dangerous and yet they expect you to not only cater to patients, but also that of the family members. My last shift I had a family member request I filtered water for patient to take pills with. I told him we didn't have access to filtered water and was told, "This is a hospital, I'm sure you can find it somewhere!" Like I have time to search the entire hospital for this.

    It's all so customer service driven. These people forget they're in a hospital and think they're in a darn five star hotel. I've only been a nurse for a little over a year and feel the burn out already. Oh, and by the way, their patient got regular water, just like everyone else.
  2. by   not.done.yet
    Eh, there are lots of good hospital positions out there. My ratios are reasonable, my manager is awesome and my coworkers are great. We have a great team. If your situation isn't a good one, start looking elsewhere.
  3. by   Julia77063
    I left St. Lukes because after working my first year on a step-down unit I wanted to work in the ICU and was told by recruiting that I didn't have any ICU experience. I left and ended up Ben Taub's ER and loved emergency room nursing. Everything happens for a reason...St. Luke's is obviously not the hospital for you.
  4. by   redraiderRN
    I'm sorry to hear that's how St. Luke's treated you applejacks36. I had an interview around the same time you did there as well and she seemed like she was in a hurry to get me out, she asked the questions super fast one right after another leaving about no time for me to catch my breath. I didn't get offered the position and I thought I had a good chance and she even emailed me back twice afterwards (to which I was surprised) but I think I blew it because it was the med-surg internship and the first question she asked me was what area are you REALLY interested and I went off on how I really liked the women's services and but I quickly turned it around and made med-surg sound good as a foundation to my career. Then she was very rude and said St.Luke's does not offer women's services and blah blah. Idk what did it but about two weeks when she was supposed to email me I got a stupid rejection email. I was so mad because she made it sound so promising, she said I'll be in contact with you in two weeks. Ugh, I'm just tired of searching and searching for jobs, it's never ending. I have experience as a CNA and nurse tech going on 3 years and a BSN but idk what I'm missing and why I can never get called.
  5. by   LindsayPaige
    I wasn't to pleased with the whole interview process either. I was asked if I had kids and how old they were. The whole thing totally caught me off guard.
  6. by   LaceyRN12
    Quote from LindsayPaige
    I wasn't to pleased with the whole interview process either. I was asked if I had kids and how old they were. The whole thing totally caught me off guard.
    That sounds like an illegal interview question to me.

    Illegal Job Interview Questions - Job Interview Questions That Are Illegal
  7. by   MrAllenU
    Quote from applejacks36
    UPDATE: I did end up being offered a volunteer RN position with a crisis pregnancy center here in Houston. Even though it's a non-paid position and not acute care, I decided to take it. Plus, they grabbed me up as soon as they could, and couldn't understand why with my educational background I wasn't being offered anything in the hospitals. My director's exact words, " Your portfolio is AMAZING! You aren't getting hospital positions?!? Well their loss and our indcredable gain!" I plan on volunteering with them for a few months while I continue to job hunt. At the least, it gets me out of the house, and I'm able to utilize my some of my nursing skills. I was told that after a few months of volunteering, I will become eligible for a paid staff position with them. So, maybe the hospital is just not where I'm meant to start out or be right now.

    I have a feeling God knows what he's doing, and my getting turned away from my interview was a blessing in disguise (even though I for the life of me couldn't understand why at the time.) My husband and I just actually found out we are expecting our first child!! If I had actually been interviewed by St. Luke's and offered the GN position, I would be working 12 hour shifts around God only knows what type of bacteria and germs, and killing my back while I'm pregnant. Likely, I wouldn't have been given much time off when my baby is set to arrive in April because I wouldn't have a full year in to earn good maternity leave. At the crisis pregnancy center that I volunteer at, It was hugs all around and lots of support when I told my director and nurse manager I was expecting. They immedatly told me that they wanted me to modify or just not do some nursing skills all together (like lifting heavy objects, or handling urine for clients pregnancy tests) because the most important thing is my and the baby's safety. I hardly doubt I would have this level of consideration when working in a hospital, esp. when it comes to patient transfers and lifts in med/surg.

    So, I guess even the most heartbreaking event can have a positive outcome.

    Don't give up or lose hope GN's! We are needed, and some actually understand that! Even if it's not in the hospitals right now. Let's face it, the hospitals are digging their own grave right now by not hiring new to replace the old. I feel that in a couple of years they will have no choice but to start hiring any RN that walks through the door due to poor burnt out RN's who refuse to stay any longer. Keep moving forward!

    Your experience and your outlook on the situation are very inspiring.

    I wish you the best, and I hope all goes well with your very-soon-to-be-here baby if he/she is not already here.
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  8. by   grad2012RN
    So happy to find this posting. I was just about to apply to their RN residency program even though they specified 2013 graduates only. I'm so "desperate" right now. I would even tolerate their unprofessional interview process just to get a paycheck and pay some bills.
  9. by   spartan_711
    I just received an invitation for a phone interview for St. Luke's GN Residency program this week. While I will be a December '13 BSN grad, this whole thread makes me nervous for what could be ahead for me in the interview process. Yikes!
  10. by   pinkclouds123
    I just received an invite for a phone interview too! This thread def makes me nervous as well!
  11. by   spartan_711
    The recruiter seemed a bit in a rush on the phone so I can only imagine how the actual phone interview will go. Agh...
  12. by   spartan_711
    pinkclouds123 , have you had your phone interview yet?? Mine is tomorrow, I'm getting kind of nervous!! haha
  13. by   pinkclouds123
    Hey I have gotten the call! it really was not an actual interview, it more of an informative one in which I got details in regards to the program, followed by a "So are you interested?" So the next step is a interview with Education Department. How did yours go?? And yes, the person did seem rush as well.