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Who ever has taken this course, can yall give me more insight about the class. I am trying to prepare for it but I am EXTREMELY nervous because I have not received my books yet; I ordered them online. Is anyone planning on... Read More

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    Hello All!! I noticed that parking can be a pain in the butt regarding cost so I am planning to take the metro rail, unless the weather is unfavorable; I live about two blocks away from a metro rail stand/post/stop.

    @trinatrt, yes it seemed like the morning class filled up first and then the afternoon class, but I did see that HCC opened up a third class but it is on Thursday from 5-8 pm.. maybe you would be interested in that one.... But the morning Friday class worked out for me. If not, we can be study buddies or so in the morning class.

    @Igunbor, yea it is smarter to take the bus... even though we go once a week, it'll be more cost efficient!

    Has any of yall bought the books for the class? I have bought:

    -Calculate with Confidence
    -Lab Tests+ Diag. Procedures
    -Sim. Access Code
    -Medical Dictionary
    -Lippincott's Drug Guide

    The last two are recommended but I am sure I will be able to apply these books now or later so I went ahead and bought them.

    I could not find:

    -Pocket Nurse Student Health tote...... Not sure what it really is that it, but at the book store it costs $81 NEW, & $61 USED....
    -Pharmacology Bundle w/MyNursing Lab.................. $154 NEW and $115 USED

    So it seems like I'll be getting these at the bookstore!

    I buy my books off of Amazon.com, and could not find these items online. I did get in touch with someone at Coleman to see where I can purchase my books and they said Central Campus would have them. I went to Central and they said they would not be carrying our books but the Southwest Campus (610 Campus, if I am correct) will be receiving our books. So I called SW (Monday June 30) to make sure and they said they would be receiving our books and they were currently unloading shipments of books and to try and call next Monday to see if they have received them.

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    Hey! I'm in the 1-4 Friday class! I met a girl at the TEAS test and she will be in the class too. I forgot her name.

    What books are needed? I looked at the spring syllabus to see the books. Are they the same?

    I also plan to take the rail. I'm going to park at HCC's central parking garage and walk two blocks up to the rail. I timed it. It take 4 minutes to walk. Pack your walking shoes!
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    Woo hoo!! Another person joining this club :P

    I looked at the bookstore listing and found 5 required books and 2 recommended; I did not see the spring syllabus that you saw... where did you find it? I don't know if they are the same as the bookstore. :/

    Good idea to park at HCC Central then take the rail!
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    Pharmacology: Connections to Nursing Practice

    Pearson’s My Nursing Lab
    Calculate With Confidence

    Pharmacology: Reviews & Rationales
    Out of all the books listed on the syllabus the only one I saw was, Calculate with Confidence book.

    This is what is on the book list:

    Author: MORRIS Edition:5TH 10
    ISBN: 9780323056298

    Author: CORBETT
    Edition:8TH 13
    ISBN: 9780132373326

    Author: PEARSON
    Edition:1ST 09
    ISBN: 9780135038086

    Author: POCKET
    Publisher:PKT NURSE
    ISBN: 2816000121311

    Author: ADAMS
    Edition:2ND 13
    ISBN: 9780133096248

    ISBN: 9780781799072

    Author: STEDMAN
    Edition:7TH 12
    ISBN: 9781608316922

    Author: KARCH
    Edition:3RD 13
    ISBN: 9781451150223

    The last three books are considered recommended but the rest say they are required. But I do feel pretty antsy to start >.<
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    Ok, just an update but I went to the bookstore at SW (610 Loop) and they had the Health Tote and the pharmacology bundle book BUT... The bookstore told me not to get the pharmacology book they had bc they were going to get the new ones next week and the one they have is an older one that we may not be using.

    I did get the Health tote since I was there; it is a black bag with different medical supplies (Syringes, gloves, gauze, etc.) I did not know we needed this for pharmacology. O_o
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    The Health Tote
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    Payday is thursday, I will definitely be stopping by.

    Were you able to find the pocket book?

    Hey I'm Erika btw.
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    Which pocket book are you referring to Erika? The Pocket Nurse Student Health Tote? If yes, then its just that tote with all the goodies inside.

    I wish we knew who our teachers are! I want to get in touch with them before the semester starts to ensure I have everything I need before class starts; maybe to send the syllabus online or so.

    Nice to meet you Erika, my name is Angelica!
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    Hello everyone! I called the bookstore to see what was going on with PHARMACOLOGY BUNDLE W/MYNURSINGLAB (ISBN:9780133096248)
    and they said that they have received it but I wasn't too sure on their answers :/

    But ANYWAY, I saw that the booklist has two new items and I also inquired about them to the bookstore (which they also seemed confused about that item too)....
    EDOSE ONE YEAR LICENSE 9781935389026
    EDOSE TWO YEAR LICENSE 9781935389002

    They said that they didn't have any licenses at the bookstore and recommended me to contact the Coleman Campus, I sent a message online via chat (AskColeman) and the rep was not sure what item it was. They suggested that I call the ADN department. I spoke with a lady that mentioned that they just added those items to the list. The ADN department wants everyone to have those items, oh and it is software not a book or actual license. The license part appears to be on how long the software can be used, I suppose.
    She also said that the bookstore has prob not received the item yet and that is why prob the bookstore was confused on what I was asking about the edose. I gave her my name and number since she was going to ask the person in charge of listing the required items for the class about it. She suggested that I may have to get it online and was going to call me back to let me know where to purchase. I have also tried looking for it online but a lot of sites suggest that it is sold out.

    I will update once the lady gets back with the information.

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