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Hey all i am a fall 2012 applicant, i have taken all classes and will be taking pharm in the spring 2012 session. Lets support each other in this process!!... Read More

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    Quick question does anyone know if u fail the math test do you still fail the class? We took our math test today result won't be in till weekend but that's the rumor going around.
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    I received my conditional acceptance email today. Happy but have one last Pharm exam that I need to conquer. Hope to see you guys on the 22nd
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    Hope everyone knows that HCC added another date to orientation. 7/12, 8/08 & 8/22.
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    So it seems like you get a letter in the mail to enroll into pharmacology, is that right? I actually received an email last week to get my background check and another email that I can enroll to pharmacology for Fall 2012 (which I did today, WOO HOO!!).... am I suppose to receive the letter still in the mail or this so called package?

    I am a spring 2013 candidate and sometimes the councilors don't help out as much as I wish they could. Thanks GUYS!!!!!
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    I am a little late but all you will receive are email. Nothing in the mail. Just make sure you have all your immunization because few people in my class did not have it done and was not able to make the cutoff deadline so they lost their seats. Don't fall behind on your reading or assignments in Pharm. The tests are not what you might be use to. Meaning its not just memorization you will be tested the way you are when you get in the program. Two words Critical Thinking, How does the information you learned applied to the question. Also there would be two right answers but the better right one is always correct. If that makes sense.
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    Well I just received my email for conditional acceptance to the ADN program Spring 2013!! Woo Hoo!! We have two orientation dates to attend but the first date is the same day our class is scheduled to take our Math Exam... I emailed the teacher to see if she was going to change the dates for the math exam or what. I DO NOT want to miss the orientation dates since, of course, we need to attend both dates to have our seat for the program!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!

    This anticipation is killing me!! I just want to start the ADN program already!!