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  1. I am so confused on what to do. First off I'm classified as a Junior at the University level. I am currently enrolled in NURS 3303- Acute Care Pathophysiology and NURS 3205-Professional Concepts of Nursing at The University of Texas at Tyler. I plan on applying to UT Tyler's nursing program for the Spring semester of 2014 but I don't want to put all my hopes in one basket so I applied for Admission into Houston Baptist University a couple of days ago. They told me to submit my transcripts and my HESI scores. I currently have 65 hours completed in coursework and my HESI scores are as follows: Reading:90%, Math: 82%, Grammar 86%. My Nursing GPA is a 3.4 while my coursework GPA is a 3.45. I made an A in Chemistry, an A in Microbiology, an A in General Psychology, an A in Human Growth and Development, a C in A&PI, and a B in A&PII. I have a 3.6 overall GPA and ill have an ASSOCIATES DEGREE IN ARTS in August of 2013. I am currently taking my last nursing science (Nutrition) which will be completed before the summer ends. What I want to know is this...with all of my academic progress..what are my chances of being a strong candidate for UTMB's nursing program? I admit my TEAS V score wasn't as good as my HESI score and that is why I retook it! My individual score was a 64.3% I did meet UTMB's required score but I retook the TEAS test today to see if I could do better...I am currently waiting to see what I made on the retest but in the meantime I need to know more about UTMB! What is up with this NursingCAS site? Why do I have to send a transcript form to the colleges that I attended when I already have my sealed official transcripts ready to be mailed?!! Did I mention that transcripts aren't free -__- please help me as soon as possible!!! I need someone to please give me some pointers. Question: Am I wasting my time applying to UTMB? Or do I need to stick with UT Tyler and Houston Baptist University's Nursing Program????


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    Just go to UT. I finished from that place. Plus, don't stress out. Enjoy the journey!