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so im currently a highschool senior and i was wondering wether i should go to hbu or chamberlain i know i can get accepted into either of them but im undesisive on which one is better..:w00t: hbu pros: university is... Read More

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    Hello. I am a recent HBU grad..or I guess a current one. I graduate this week. HBU nursing school still provides a quality education that is recognized with respect for producing quality nurses. HBU recently updated their nursing lab and equipment, so they also have that in common with the Chamberlain College.

    Priscilla_diaz- The minimun GPA for acceptance into HBU nursing program in 3.0; however, the competitive GPA is 3.5 (both overall and in sciences). Having at least 12 credit hours from HBU itself also helps greatly to increase your chances of getting into the nursing school itself. I am not sure about the entrance HESI scores.

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    I am so confused on what to do. First off I'm classified as a Junior at the University level. I am currently enrolled in NURS 3303- Acute Care Pathophysiology and NURS 3205-Professional Concepts of Nursing at The University of Texas at Tyler. I plan on applying to UT Tyler's nursing program for the Spring semester but I don't want to put all my hopes in one basket so I applied for Admission into Houston Baptist University a couple of days ago. They told me to submit my transcripts and my HESI scores. I currently have 65 hours completed in coursework and my HESI scores are as follows: Reading:90%, Math: 82%, Grammar 86%. My Nursing GPA is a 3.4 while my coursework GPA is a 3.45. I made an A in Chemistry, an A in Microbiology, an A in General Psychology, an A in Human Growth and Development, a C in A&PI, and a B in A&PII. I have a 3.6 overall GPA and ill have an ASSOCIATES DEGREE IN ARTS in August of 2013. I am currently taking my last nursing science (Nutrition) which will be completed before the summer ends. What I want to know is...what are my chances of getting accepted into HBU's Spring of 2013 class of Nursing with the scores and academic stats that I have provided?



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