Hi everyone!! :D

  1. I just wanted to say hello! My name is Kimberly, and in the fall of '12 I will be starting my at TCC for BSN (move to UTA hopefully for BSN)! I am extremely excited!! I originally started this when i was fresh out of high school in 06 but got severely side tracked >.< I have wanted to go into nursing since I was a child! I am from Fort Worth btw =) Can anyone tell me their expiriences at UTA Nursing? =)
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  3. by   B&Csmom
    Hi are you already accepted at TCC, there is already a thread of us for the fall start. Also, starting this fall you can get the bs from TCC. Much cheaper.
  4. by   FutureNurseOrcutt
    LOL sorry i meant i was starting classes- pre nursing. i know its kinda lame cause i havent even started yet but its a passion of mine! ive been following the scores and i have to say im VERY intimidated by UTA =( you can get the BSN from TCC??? why didnt the counselor tell me?!?!? she was the director for heavens sake! LOL she gave me a plan chart that has all the pre reqs i would need at TCC and then transfer to UTA afterward but im very confused by it all because i thought some people said they didnt get into UTA because the college said they had no pre reqs at UTA. im going to see an advisor at UTA on Monday. im so excited for all the new nursing students in the fall! i just cannot wait til its my turn!!
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  5. by   B&Csmom
    The announcement of the BS program was just finalized Wednesday. They are going to have a masters program as well! It is partnered with Tarleton State, but will be done through TCC. Also, ask to join the TCC nursing group on facebook. Everyone is always willing to give advice. The TCC fall 2012 forum is another great place to ask! If you do not talk to the advisor at the Trinity river nursing campus, sometimes you will get bad advice! Good luck! Feel free to ask any questions, we are all thankful for the people ahead of us forging the way.
  6. by   FutureNurseOrcutt
    tysvm! i will speak with the TR campus advisor! we went to the south campus advisor cause thats the one i put on my FAFSA. i was still under the assumption that it was at the south campus *SILLY ME* lol i would love to join the forum and fb page! how do i ask to be on the fb page?