HESI entrance exam big deal or not?

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    We don't have to take this as an application requirement for UTA, but we do now have to take it as part of our entrance into the school. We just basically have to show proficiecy in each area or take an additional class this next semester. I just was curious how difficult the test and is and if it similar to the TEAS exam.

    Thanks as always!

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    Are you sure the HESI is your entrance exam and not an exit exam? Unless it is a different version, I dont see how anyone could be expected to pass the HESI without having already gone through the majority of the nursing program.

    I just graduated from TWU Dallas and we took HESI about a month and a half before graduation. It was a VERY big deal... it was difficult and there were several people who didnt pass on the first attempt.

    In my experience, most schools require the NET as the entrance exam-- that's just basic math/english/etc... pretty easy.

    If it IS a HESI exam that you have to take, I think the website is Evolve. They had a great review book for the exit exam, so Im sure they'll have something that you can use to review for an entrance exam if that's what you have to take.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for your help. It was indeed an entrance exam given by HESI. It covered basic grammer, math, voabulary etc. It was very simple. I understand the exit is a MUCH different story. I'll "look forward" to taking it in just two short years!
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    I believe it also adds some A&P , which was not included in NET test. But that is all I heard,sry , I can't help more, but maybe that suggested website can help.
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    It does have A & P on it, and your school can add other sections as well (I believe there is a Chemistry and Biology section). I would recommend a good review of whichever sections they administer (they should tell you if you ask), but I didn't think it was all that difficult. Good luck!

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    grapejuice01 - there is an entrance hesi and an exit hesi.

    good luck, mom!
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    The Hesi2 is the entrance test that schools are now going to and not using the NET - is my understanding. El Centro Continuing Ed has a review course for the HESI entrance test. For those applying to El Centro, there are 5 parts - Math, Grammar, A&P, Reading & I can't remember the 5th one - and for the ADN program you must make at least a 78% on all five parts to pass the test. Other Allied Health programs have different parts to pass with only a 70%.
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    Yes, there are HESI enterance exams. Mine was nutrition, A&P, math, reading, and some other area (can't remember). If you passed your pre-reqs then you will do fine on the HESI.

    We also had a mid-HESI, and then we had a exit HESI.
    Lots of HESIs...
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    Can anybody tell me What type of Math Questions are on the HESI A2 entrance exam??? I am taking it on January 4th.... I took the THEA Test and passed the math part.... is it similar to the questions on THEA?? I also heard that it was JUST fractions (adding subtracting multiplying and dividing fractions) Is that true??? The math parts of these tests always FREAK me OUT!!!
    I looked up the HESI website but their site is down.. anybody know any other sites that I could look up??

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    NurseChas - I haven't taken the HESI A2 test yet but did go to a review class and have the book. There are Roman numerals, basic math - addition, subtraction, multiplication & division -, decimals, fractions, percentages, ratios & proportions, measurements.

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