HCC Spring 2014 LVN Applicants

  1. Is anyone applying for the lvn program at houston community college this upcoming spring?!
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  3. by   stefonee356
    I am applying! I am currently taking VNSG 1216 and then I will be putting in my application! I am SO EXCITED, yet so nervous! Good Luck to you!
  4. by   stefonee356
    Good luck!
  5. by   Kearas05
    I am applying for Spring '14 as well! I just attended the information session on 8/15/13! I have all of my Prerequisites done. I just need to take my TEAS test. I am already a CNA, and I was previously in the LVN program at Victoria College. Graduation date was supposed to be 8/2/13 but I failed one of my classes by ONE POINT 4 days before graduation. I made a 74 in the class and the min. is a 75 (C). I am having to start ALL OVER. Most people would give up the nursing career, or at least take a break... But honestly, I don't see myself doing anything else with my life! I LOVE nursing! I am motivated, and a lot more confident this time around because I pretty much know a lot of the material. I still have all of my books, and i'm refreshing my memory everyday! Nursing school is VERY HARD, but SO WORTH IT! Hope to see you guys there! Class of 2014!
  6. by   stefonee356
    I attended the information session on the same day. I turned in my application as well. Now the waiting behind. Good luck to you! I hope we both make it
  7. by   stefonee356
  8. by   Kearas05
    Really?! Lol we might have been sitting right next to eachother! Lol! I was sitting next to the lady with the two kids! But yesss! Good luck! Im nervous because I keep seeing BAD reviews about the school, but honestly its really up to YOU rather or not to make it! Have you taken the TEAS yet?
  9. by   stefonee356
    I was in the middle of the room! yes I've taken the teas.. it's a difficult test that I suggest you study for at least a month in advance! Now the waiting game starts...
  10. by   smartypants22
    Good luck to everyone who applies for the spring 2014 semester. I applied for the fall 2013 semester, made it to the interview day part, but didn't get in the program. So I had to send in a form that said I wanted to be considered for the spring semester. In the meantime, I'll be trying to get my CNA certificate. If you make the minimum scores they require for the LVN program, you should get the letter that says you can go to interview day, it's getting through interview day and getting the second letter that says you're in the program that's the hard part.
  11. by   Kearas05
    @Smartypants22 what happened during the interview process if you dont mind me asking? From what I hear they choose the people who interview the best?.... That's weird to me! I'd rather get scored based off my testing scores than what I say in an interview..... Especially when i'm nervous!
  12. by   smartypants22
    Kearas05, I sent you a PM.
  13. by   stefonee356
    I put my application in for next fall (2014) instead. I'm in a surgical tech program and want to finish this first. Good luck to y'all and let me know if y'all make it for the spring!
  14. by   smartypants22
    And so the waiting game begins for October. I really hope I make it in for Spring 2014. I'm starting my CNA next week, so hopefully that helps me with getting into LVN.

    And Stefonee, that's good for you.