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Hi Everyone, I'll be applying for HCC Spring 2012. I was intending on taking my prerequisites in the Fall, but I've decided to knock out A&P II and Micro this summer to avoid any complications in the application process. I'm... Read More

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    Quote from rayneonme
    Did you take your hesi at HCC or somewhere else?
    I took the HESI at a Prometric Testing Center. HCC no longer administers the test.
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    Ok I was wondering. Looked for it on hcc website but couldn't find it so taking it at lonestar.
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    Ok I was wonde
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    Hi, good luck to all of us!!!
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    I received a letter saying that I was selected to enroll in RNSG 1301. Does anyone have receive something yet? Does that mean I was selected to the nursing program?

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    I got the letter today too. Goodluck to everyone
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    Quote from CHUNKY_MUNKEY
    I got the letter today too. Goodluck to everyone

    Do you know if I take RNSG 1301 and I pass it, am I going to start the program in Spring 2012?

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    Quote from leinus

    Do you know if I take RNSG 1301 and I pass it, am I going to start the program in Spring 2012?


    From what I understand you have to pass RNSG 1301 and score 90% or above THEN start the program Spring 2012. So the letter is pretty much conditional admissions depending on how you do in RNSG 1301 Exam.
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    Hi! I just received my invitation to take pharmacology at HCC this fall and I have a question regarding some of the registration prequisites.
    -Where do I have to go for the background check and drug test?
    -HCC says your cpr certification must be from a "healthcare provider" cpr course. Which cpr course do I need to take? Do they accept regular cpr, or am I supposed to take ACLS before I stat pharmacology?

    Any help you can offer would be DEEPLY appreciated!

    To reply to others' posts:
    -It is also my understanding that if we do well this Fall in pharmacology we will be admitted in Sping 2012
    -I took the HESI at a prometric testing center 3 weeks ago and received my invitation to the course just two days ago, so they are still accepting HESI scores for now
    -My best advice for the HESI is pray and study the HESI study guide you can buy from Amazon. I saw several test questions during my actual HESI exam that matched the practice questions in the study guide verbatim.
    -I did not get to use a calculator, but I have heard that some testing centers allow this)

    Also, a tip for anyone needing the immunizations: google "department of health Houston" because these locations offer the required immunizations for just $10 each if you have a student ID and do not have health insurance.

    Good luck everyone! I am very excited!
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    All our questions will be answered at the orientation. Yea there are probably a ton of folks who got selected for RSNG 1301, but there will be a selected few who actually score 90% or above on the Math exam. I've applied to several other schools just in case HCC doesn't work out.