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HCC LVN applicants.. please help - page 2

I just recieved my letter to interview with houston community colleges lvn program... I'll have to bring some documents to the interview but im not quite sure exactly what theyre asking of me to do... Read More

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    I got my letter, Im in! Now I gotta get this paperwork together!!!!
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    sorry!!!! i been having a hardtime getting on here lately! but I was accepted too yayy! What do you think is gonna happen at survival camp on the 13?
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    So since we are accepted, survival camp starts Aug 13, we shall form a huge study group cause we must ALL survive and get through this! 70 of us are in, lets keep that 70 alive for a YEAR! a YEAR is all they ask! =) then form there we can take the bridge to RN program or just get a job!
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    Do they accept 70 each semester?
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    Any advice for someone interviewing tomorrow?
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    Hello, how did the interview go? the questions that they asked? and could you give me an example of the 2-3 page interview that we have to write up? I can provide my email if neccessary. Thank you in advice
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    Hcc lost its accreditation! I suggest y'all go somewhere eles