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Will the prerequisite courses needed to get into UT houston affect gpa at graduation, or will it be disreguarded once in accepted into the nursing program?... Read More

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    I will be attending the Traditional BSN program. I am interested to hear what your answers are for ladydeeb4213 questions.
    By the way did you get a job right after graduation??

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    The job market for new grads sucks right now in Houston. Get a BSN, but I don't know that it matters where you get it. Even with a BSN, be prepared to be looking at jails, LTAC (places like Kindred or Select) and nursing homes. Hospitals in general seem to be doing very little hiring in January but a few think they might hire in March or April. Maybe.

    UTH is ok. I'm about to graduate and overall I didn't love or hate it. If you're expecting small classes or lots of discussion, nursing school isn't for you. It's you and everyone else in your class getting lectured all at once, and most lectures involve having the powerpoint read to you.

    I'm going to direct you to the course sequence part of the UTH website (under future students) so you can see when clinicals start.
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    How are the staff and profs? If you need help do you just go to your classmates or can you speak with the prof?
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    I usually just talk to students. Some professors are better than others about returning emails quickly. Most have limited office hours because they teach several classes and a clinical group.
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    oh ok

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