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I was just curious if anyone has applied for the residency program at Methodist....Does anyone know what the pay is?... Read More

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    No have you

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    I have not heard anything back from the first time she called me.
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    I got a phone call from the staff recruiter at children's not last Friday but the Friday before regarding my top preference out of the positions I applied for. She also apologized for it taking so long and that it was taking longer than expected. Then the call was dropped because I lost signal and I tried calling her back twice and left a message. No response so I finally emailed her on Monday (June 13th) to ensure that she heard my top preference and not think I hung up on her. She called me quickly after that and apologized once again for the slow response. She said there are no longer spots on PICU but some in intermediate Peds unit amd she would call me back to set up an interview. Finally got a call back yesterday (a week later) and I have an interview with the intermediate director tomorrow. It seems as if they are running a bit behind with this process.
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    Woah, yeah she had called me a long time ago like right after the app closed, but i haven't heard anything back.
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    New Grad RN at Methodist hospitals starts off at $20 per hour as base pay with shift differentials. I think the differentials are 7p-7a $3 and 11p - 7a $4.55. I was told this by nursing recruiter. When you applied for these residency program, you just have to keep calling them to check the status of your application. I find that it works and the nursing recruiters are usually good at trying to help you get an interview with nursing directors. The thing is that all these GN positions fill up so fast. I feel like I just applied and then call a week later only to be told most positions are filled. I did get an interview last week at the Metropolitan Hospital in downtown San Antonio for a possible night GN position on a cardiac/telemetry floor. Waiting to hear back. It's tough job hunting in SA. It's getting frustrating as well. I even tried to apply for smaller hospitals, rehab facilities, and long term facilities.

    Good Luck!
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    LTrae-TX I got a call today from a recruiter as well about what my top preference is. I really thought they had finished picking people to interview. She said she would get back to me within the week to see if I can get interviewed. She said they would be picking people soon since the start date is the 25th.
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    Princess-good luck with that...i heard that over a month ago, and have yet to hear anything else.
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    Really?? Well I guess I better not get my hopes up then. I will try to call her if I don't hear from her in a couple of days
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    Yea i tried calling and emailing over and over...didn't get me anywhere :-( good luck
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    Does anyone know who to contact exactly to find out the status of an application for the GN/RN residency position at Methodist?

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