GN Pay at Methodist Children's San Antonio

  1. I was just curious if anyone has applied for the residency program at Methodist....Does anyone know what the pay is?
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  3. by   LTrae-TX
    Hey there! I just applied to the Children's residency program at Methodist as well. From what I have gathered through the Methodist website you are considered a full time employee on day one of the residency program and are therefore payed as one. After a hour or two of searching online for new grad average salaries in SA I was able to find a reply on here from a current Employee at Baptist that said new grads there made on average between $21-23. This person also stated that Methodist Healthcare systems in San Antonio paid new graduates fairly close to this. Sorry I can't give you any concrete numbers but hopefully that helps! Let me know if you find any more information.
  4. by   MLLNJLL, RN
    Thanks for the reply. Actually Baptist doesn't pay that anymore...they dropped there's to 18 while on orientation. What areas are you looking at, at Methodist?
  5. by   LTrae-TX
    Well that's a bummer! I applied to the women's/ped's, Emergency Dept., Adult ICU, and Adult Progressive/intermediate care positions. I ultimately desire a career in the pediatric field, but I am willing to take whichever position I can get at the time being. This whole difficulty finding a job as a new graduate nurse is becoming very frustrating! How about you?

    I went to nursing school in San Diego, but eventually headed back to SA (my hometown) after finding no opportunities in San Diego. I haven't lived in San Antonio since 2004 so it's been quite an eye opener to explore healthcare in San Antonio while looking for jobs. Did you attend nursing school in SA? If so, any advice for a new grad nurse that is new to town?
  6. by   MLLNJLL, RN
    Yea it is very frustrating. I did go to school here...don't know how good my advice can be since I still haven't found a job myself. I have applied at Santa Rosa Children's and had 2 interviews didn't get any of the positions...I applied for women/pedi and l&d but was contacted by the recruiter and she asked out of the 2 which was my top and then put my app in for different positions. I haven't heard back from her...or Santa Rosa...I have started putting in apps at Baptist...I put an app in at University before I graduated and I haven't heard anything from them either...I heard that the new fiscal year for Baptist starts in July so they should be hiring soon...Good luck. Oh and I got the answer to my original question...I was told the starting is 20-21 at person told me 20 and one told me 21...then i was told by recruiter they are all night positions...and differential is 3.00 from7-11 and then 11-7 is 4.55...
  7. by   LTrae-TX
    Oh wow, you were contacted by the Methodist recruiter already? I did receive a reply from the recruiter after initially emailing her to ask a question, but nothing specifically pertaining to the residency application process/interviews.

    I unfortunately missed the application date for Santa Rosa. I was told they had almost 400 applicants and only 30-35 spots to fill fro the Versant Program. I have applied to several positions through University, Baptist, and Methodist (that didn't require experience) within the past few days. I'll let you know if I hear back.

    After reading several posts and replies on here I think I may begin searching for jobs at home care, long term care or rehab facilities. Good luck!
  8. by   MLLNJLL, RN
    Yeah she contacted me, but not sure if thats because I emailed her. She told me she would call me this week for interview...but i have yet to hear from her...Good luck to you too
  9. by   ibme

    I just wanted to tell you guys that you don't have to apply to only the "new grad" positions at Baptist in SA. I applied to two of their hospitals for staff nurse positions over a year ago (as a new ADN grad) and was offered a position at both hospitals. I was desperate and didn't get hired in any new grad spots so I just started applying to everything and everywhere. The recuiter at their main campus was the most helpful, she let me pick the specialty I wanted if there was an opening-- so find a way to contact her directly... hope this helps
  10. by   MLLNJLL, RN
    Thanks...I have already put in apps at Baptist for staff nurse at Mission trails
  11. by   LTrae-TX
    Hey there! Did you get an interview for the residency program?
  12. by   MLLNJLL, RN
    No have you
  13. by   MLLNJLL, RN
    I have not heard anything back from the first time she called me.
  14. by   LTrae-TX
    I got a phone call from the staff recruiter at children's not last Friday but the Friday before regarding my top preference out of the positions I applied for. She also apologized for it taking so long and that it was taking longer than expected. Then the call was dropped because I lost signal and I tried calling her back twice and left a message. No response so I finally emailed her on Monday (June 13th) to ensure that she heard my top preference and not think I hung up on her. She called me quickly after that and apologized once again for the slow response. She said there are no longer spots on PICU but some in intermediate Peds unit amd she would call me back to set up an interview. Finally got a call back yesterday (a week later) and I have an interview with the intermediate director tomorrow. It seems as if they are running a bit behind with this process.