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I was just curious if anyone has applied for the residency program at Methodist....Does anyone know what the pay is?... Read More

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    I also applied for all but I went around to the ICU depts at the different hospitals and also the Peri-op. I was told by the Directors at Metro's ICU that I'd be getting a call next week for a peer interview, so if they don't call by friday I'll just call them and inquire about it. And I also hope to receive more calls as well. I wish you both the best of Luck.
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    Thanks. The nicu wanted me to send in am email and she actually called me Friday and she should be calling to setup something next week.
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    I am going to view the NICU tomorrow. Received an email from the director. Totally excited.
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    So excited for your millnjll!!! I just sent your a PM hope to see you soon!!!!
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    I got hired

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