Giving info: San Jacinto College South LVN entrance HESI

  1. So the testing period for the Spring of 2009 session ended yesterday but you can start testing for fall in like January. Unfortunately they do not give you ANY information on what the HESI is, what it covers, or what to study. So to save everyone from the reactions many students had yesterday I thought I would share my experience:

    The entrance HESI at San Jac South in Houston covered: Reading comprehension, math, grammar, and critical thinking. Some campuses do not test, others have MUCH harder versions including biology and the like. Common sense would say if they do not provide study preparations, it's probably just going to cover the basics I mentioned.

    The math was for the most part 'basic' but if you have graduated more than 3 or 4 years ago you MUST study. There are decimals and fractions (you get a calculator so many of the questions are easy), but there are also conversions like oz to pints or gallons. Know those! Know length conversions also, kilometers...military time...roman numerals..PROPORTIONS (cross mulitply, very easy if you know how to solve). It is basic math, but if you don't remember how to add, subtract, multiply, or divide fractions this will kill you. You have to turn mixed fractions to improper and THEN solve those types of q's and turn them back. You get the point... (I got a 96)

    Reading comprehension is very simple. You read very small articles and answer several questions based on it. The questions do a lot of 'inferring' though so it can get tricky. Most of the questions are straight forward and there's not much you can do to prepare for this. ( I got a 89- and was surprised to see it was that low)

    Grammar- just know basic grammar. Know your tenses and proper spelling and you're set. (96)

    Critical thinking- Patient scenerios in which you choose what you as a nurse should do first, or which patient needs attention most, or what to tell the patient. This is very subjective and tough. This is not included in your grade though! There are no study guides. KNOW YOUR CONVERSIONS, KNOW YOUR FRACTIONS,KNOW YOUR RATIOS.

    As for the point system-- their program works on grades=points. 90-100 is 15 points 80-89 is 10 points and 75-79 is 5. You fail if below that. You get additional points (1-2) for things like incoming grades on prereqs., being a current cna, and possibly on gpa. There might be other little ones. Your HESI is VERY important and you may only take it ONE TIME an application period so DO WELL. Read the paperwork they provide to make sure you're even eligible to start the program before signing up for the hesi or you are out money. You need shots, prereqs...many things that you can't just get overnight. For this year there are no minimal amount of points to get it- they just have enough spots that they can fill.

    Let it be known that I am no in affiliation with the program nor is this information meant to be used as official. They really do change the program a little almost every year and you should always consult with the school. I am just a prospective student trying to help others make it to their dreams of being a nurse. I hope I am allowed to do this and if not I'm sorry and please do not take legal action against me
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  3. by   mom2jakenjax
    When do you think they will send out acceptances? I also have applied for Spring 2010 and am currently sitting on pins and needles waiting. Do you have any idea about how many applicants they take?

  4. by   AHowell
    They say they take about 60ish people (I think that's what they said). You should know about two weeks past the deadline, which was the October 30th, if you have been accepted. Good luck!
  5. by   1soon2brn
    I'm waiting too for a response from San Jac. I been pacing the floor for a week now.
    Did you apply @ south or north? If south what did you make on the HESI if you dont mind me asking?
  6. by   mom2jakenjax
    I applied to South, hopefully we will hear something next week. If I am not mistaken during the info session the administrative assistant that administered the test said we should hear back from them during the 1st or 2nd week and November and here we are at the end of the first week and still no response. I wasn't too sure if they would send acceptances via email or U.S. mail. Being the very impatient person I am, I emailed the nursing department on Wed. asking if admission decisions had been made yet and if not when should I expect notification...still havent heard back yet. Hopefully next week we will hear something, do you have any idea how many applicants applied? I scored an overall 89.10 on my Hesi with an 900 on the critical thinking portion. I saw post here early about a person who got in the the Fall 2009 class at South and she scored either an 87 or 88 on the Hesi, I guess it depends on the number of applicants.
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  7. by   1soon2brn
    I'm really not sure. When I went to the info session it was no more than 10 of us there. Only 2 of us passed the HESI at that time. When I went to apply it was only 3 people there then, including myself. Good thing I been wearing a wig this week, because ive really been pulling my hair out!! lol... But im growing really impatient as well. Do you know anyone else that has applied also.
  8. by   1soon2brn
    A lot of people were upset on how they changed the app process with adding the 2 pre-reqs and HESI. I'm just worried about my gpa and if my score is acceptable enough.
  9. by   mom2jakenjax
    As far as I know, GPA isn't really a contributing factor not like it is with the RN program. They do look at your 2 college level classes, I guess to see if you are ready to start the program. I always thought they used the HESI for entrance to the program, but I have a theory on the addition of the 2 college level class requirement. I think they started doing it because of the high number of people applying for admission due to the job loss in other sectors of the economy. For the RN program at Central you can apply under option A -ACT scores or option B- coursework completed at SJC (10 hours) and they have to be taken at SJC not transfered. Maybe they are trying to follow more along the lines of central.
  10. by   1soon2brn
    Do you know if they're going by points or the HESI score? I made an 85 on the HESI. But I have a total of 14pts
  11. by   mom2jakenjax
    I have 14 pts. also. You get your initial points off of the HESI 80-89 range get 10pts, 90-100 range get 15. 2 pts for an A on your 2 pre-reqs, so for upto a total of 4 if you had 2 A's. If your transcript is above a 3.0 you can possibly get another point if your trans. shows harder academics bio, a & p, micro, nutriution etc., the review committee will look over the trans. to make sure your gpa isn't full of blow off classes then award the point.
  12. by   bella1207
    I have also applied to the program for spring 2010. I haven't heard back one way or the other, however, I did ask when I dropped off my application when and how we would find out if we're accepted...I was told that they would let us know within the first two weeks of November by email. Hope this helps!
  13. by   1soon2brn
    So they are notifying acceptance by email. I'm worried if I have a high enough score. Do you know how many applied? How did u do on the HESI?
  14. by   1soon2brn
    Hi I just spoke with the lvn secretary and she stated that letters will be sent by email next week. Bummer!!!