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So the testing period for the Spring of 2009 session ended yesterday but you can start testing for fall in like January. Unfortunately they do not give you ANY information on what the HESI is, what it covers, or what to study. So... Read More

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    I have also applied to the program for spring 2010. I haven't heard back one way or the other, however, I did ask when I dropped off my application when and how we would find out if we're accepted...I was told that they would let us know within the first two weeks of November by email. Hope this helps!

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    So they are notifying acceptance by email. I'm worried if I have a high enough score. Do you know how many applied? How did u do on the HESI?
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    Hi I just spoke with the lvn secretary and she stated that letters will be sent by email next week. Bummer!!!
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    Another week...that is a bummer! I'm anxious to find out!

    I made a 93 on the HESI. I wonder how many people they accept? I know they had to add an additional HESI test day and when I went to turn in my application the day before the deadline, there was about 10 people waiting to turn in their's also...makes me think there were a lot of people applying.
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    I got an email from the vocational nursing admin in response to an email I sent, last Wed. She said we will know next week via email, how sad I am going stir crazy here waiting.
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    I GOT IN!!! I got my email this morning
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    I got in too!!! So excited!!!!
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    WHOOOO HOOOO! I got in too, found out on my way to school I had to pull over and read my email via phone and I was scared to open it. So now I am doing my happy dance.... congrats to all who where accepted.
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    Thank you so, so, so, so much for this posting. I took my HESI entrance exam today, and I could not be any happier with my score. I aced it!!

    I got 100 on my math section, 97 on grammar, 96 on reading comprehension, and 900 on my critical thinking!

    And it was all because of this information. I crammed all night trying to make sure I was ready, and it worked like an absolute charm.

    Here's hoping I get in to the program!!

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    You will do fine, do you know when acceptances will go out? They took 60 when I started, and I scored a composite 91.3 and got in on the first round. Just be ready, the first 6 weeks are really tough because they throw alot at you. If you were fortunate enough to take a&p I and II and nutrition prior you will get credit for it and won't have to take it with all of the other first level classes. It is alot of work but very rewarding and can be a little intimidating. But the one word of advice I can give is don't obesses(sp.) over every little thing it will give you a headache and a lot of grey hair, I am a testament to that. Do all of your assigned reading and practice your skills alot to be ready for check offs and have a great understanding of a & p and you will be fine. Oh, and by the way uniforms are expensive I spent 347.00 and that included the nurses pack. Make sure to buy them with extra room because they shrink a little and you might gain some weight throughout the program ( we complain about that every day). Good Luck!


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