Galen college LVN-RN 2013

  1. 0 Hello all! I am in the process of applying to Galen College of nursing. I am hoping to start October 2013. Any hopefuls out there? Even for the July program.
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    I can try to help, what's up??
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    Hi! I was looking to get some information on the LVN-RN Bridge program at Galen in San Antonio. I am looking into applying there since Baptist will not accept my Micro class. I would like to know about the teachers ( no names) and if they are knowledgable... Not just reading from the power point. I am wondering about the quality of the clinicals, the pass rate etc. I have talked to 3 nursing programs out in San Antonio and they all claim to have the highest pass rate. I was speaking to the advisor at Galen and he stated that they have a 66% graduation rate with an 83% NCLEX pass rate... Is that good? Thanks in advance for the reply!
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    83% isn't very good, you can look up online the NCLEX-RN pass rates from every school, so you can compare them. I'm not sure on the instructors or clinical locations as I am a student at Galen FL. Was there a reason Baptist did not accept your micro course? I would say go to the school with highest pass rate (NCLEX), and if they don't take your micro course but they will accept you as a student, retaking it wouldn't do you any harm, other than boost your GPA. The thing to know about Galen is they have articulation agreements with some online universities such as U of Phoenix, Indiana Weslyan U, and Grand Canyon U, all of which are expensive online RN-BSN programs; a BSN is highly preferred around here, not sure about TX. So make sure the program you choose will allow you many options when it comes to getting your BSN.

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    They won't take it because I took it at U of P -/ I think I am just gonna stick with Galen. As a military spouse I never know when we are going to move and their bridge program isn't too long and I promised myself to only be an LVN for 2 yrs max, I just passed boards in Feburary. Are you in the bridge program or the regular RN program? Are you liking the program so far?
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    I'm starting July 8th but I work/ volunteer with Galen grads; many of the hiring managers in the local healthcare facilities around here recommend Galen because of how strenuous and in-depth the program is, so I'm looking forward to that. I wrote an article about why and how I chose Galen, and you can read it on allnurses... I've had a lot of students from Galen Tampa Bay and other Galen schools tell me this helped them choose Galen as well.

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    I have another question.. It's in regards to the PAX-RN.

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