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    I am from college station but I have moved to idaho to go to nursing school (needed to get out of texas for awhile!). Anyway, I was researching FNP programs in texas and I found that ut tyler does not require rn experience prior to enrolling? Is this the case or have they just not updated their website? Before I get flamed! I do not plan on applying to an FNP program until I have rn experience. I just don't want to wait 2-3 years after my bsn to do so, that seems to be the average throughout texas msn programs.
    And has anyone gone through this program while working as an rn? Was it feasible? How is the job market for new grads in tyler for BSN's?
    Again, this move would be 3 years out at least but I am trying to narrow down schools and locations. And! Does anyone know if el toro in Palestine still has the green sauce!
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    How is the job market for new grads in tyler for BSN's?
    As of 2013, the job market for RNs with BSNs in the Tyler area is still somewhat healthy. In fact, some nurses who cannot secure employment in the Dallas area end up commuting to one of the two hospitals in Tyler as a last desperate resort.