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  1. Hello All. I have posted recently about my move to Houston. I have finally received my Texas RN license. I have had two phone interviews and awaiting a third. It looks like I will be working in TMC. I would like to rent a single family home in the Humble/Atoscocita or Pearland area. I am looking for 4 bedrooms/2 bathrooms and my max budget is $1300/mth. Is this even possible in a good neighborhood with good schools. ​I would appreciate all the informative replies I can get as I only have one month to do this. Thank you
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  3. by   HouTx
    Congrats! Which TMC facility? You are aware of the 'challenges' of working in that area, right? You'll be parking in a remote lot and catching a shuttle to work - this will add to your commute time, so plan accordingly.

    Have you contacted a Realtor yet? That should be your first step. S/he can guide you through the process of finding the right house. IMO, Pearland would be a much better choice than Humble. It's much closer to TMC so the commute is manageable & is in a nice school district. There is a wide variety of housing available, particularly in the areas along 288. I am sure you will be able to find something to suit your family. Here's a good online resource Houston Real estate, Houston homes, Houston Realtors -
  4. by   Mbart
    Thanks for your response. I am still doing interviews right now. I have interviewed with both MD Anderson and Methodist. I have been looking at Pearland and when I came to visit I did drive over there and looked at some new houses. Very nice area. The rentals are a bit on the high side though and I did want to rent first so I can take time to know Houston and see exactly where i wanted to buy. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again.