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    How much should I expect to make in Dallas with 7 years of ER experience? Also do they pay extra for CEN? I am looking at Baylor, Parkland, and Presbyterian but not opposed to others. Thanks!

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    How much should I expect to make in Dallas with 7 years of ER experience?
    Not very much. . .low $30s per hour at the most. The hospitals in the Dallas area are definitely not the highest-paying.
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    Low 30's sounds about right. You also have to remember the cost of living in the Dallas area is very reasonable, I think, and you can live comfortably at this salary. You'll have to ask the hospitals what they do about having your CEN. Some may pay you a little bonus each year, some might offer you a little more, it's just something you can ask. I highly recommend you touring these facilities (which you'll get to do during interview process) before making your decision. Baylor and Parkland are the big trauma centers in the city, and if you want to go a little north, Medical Center Plano is a level 2. Presbyterian is not, although there are rumors they might become one next summer.

    Like anywhere, there's pros and cons to each place. Do you research. I'd offer you my opinions, but I'd rather you to make your own decisions Good luck!

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