EPCC.. I'm starting out with a long road ahead of me.

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    My family and I just moved here from being stationed in Korea. I'd like to major in nursing. Could anyone give me any info about EPCC. I've gone to get my FA done, I'm in the process of enrolling, and taking the placement test very soon. I start in the fall. I know I'll have to study, study, study and read up. I guess I'm just a bit worried I'm a mom of three, and a wife. I'm determined to accomplish my education. I'd just like to get others opinions. It's been a while since I've attended college. I had to drop out due to my family ( parents & disabled sister) needing help at home. So, being 30 yrs old.. I'm worried about math. I'm terrible at math . I plan to use tutoring. Anyway, enough of my nervous rambling lol. Any advice would be great. About how long am I looking at to finish everything? I guess if its longer then 3 yrs DH has agreed to extend for his reenlistment soon.

    Again, thanks!
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  3. by   HouTx
    What is EPCC? I'm assuming it is a community college. El Paso? If you're working on your pre-requisites, a community college is the way to go - much less expensive. However, I would urge you to seek a BSN rather than an ADN. Job opportunities for ADN new grads are becoming scarce. Larger/urban hospitals are limiting new grad hires to BSN only.

    The length of time that it will take you is variable - depending on how many pre-requisites you have to take, your course load, etc. You should obtain specifics from people at the programs in which you are interested.
  4. by   mayenne1979
    Hi! I am a mother of 3 as well and 34 years old. A year and a half ago, I decided to go back to school and go into nursing. I had done a semester in college in 1998 so I didn't have to take the placement for English and Math because I passed those classes with an A and B 16 years ago. I just went and talk to the counselors and they told me what classes to register and the pre-reqs for ranking. My advice is that you have to really put your mind into it and put in a lot of hard work! When I started my kids were all under the age of 5 so I had to manage my time really good, organize everything I needed for my classes and and created a strict schedule to follow. I made all A's in my ranking classes and required nursing classes to graduate. I had to work really hard because my husband went to school for 3 months to another state and then deployed to afghanistan for 7 months after he got back from school. I got into the nursing program for this spring 2014 and just actually started a week ago. I had a 4.0 gpa in all my classes and had All A's in my ranking classes. The Teas V test was challenging but I passed it to get into the program. Like I said, you have to prioritize especially when you have kids and I can tell you I studied a lot. There are gonna be lots of sleepless nights and early mornings. I hardly go out with friends. Had to focus to get in the program as fast as I can. It is not easy but it is doable! Goodluck and never give up!
  5. by   Hello_Pretty
    Can you tell me the process of "ranking" at EPCC? I'm hoping to apply as an lvn to RN student next year.
  6. by   LittleWhiteDress
    I think they look at your TEAS score, pharmacology and A&P grades
  7. by   Hello_Pretty
    Quote from LittleWhiteDress
    I think they look at your TEAS score, pharmacology and A&P grades
    Thank you. I finally found the info on the website. I'm trying for the Transition. And they only rank on the GPA for A&P, Micro, Math, Pharm, and Lifespan Development (I hope I didn't miss one) and you must pass the TEAS V with a 57% or better. They don't rank your TEAS V score.

    The ranking is different for the General RN program.
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    Hello, can someone at EPCC tell me if they offer priority registration or is it just open registration (first come first serve)? I searched the whole web and could not find an answer. I'm trying to get into the microbiology class and wondering if I even have a chance at registering.
  9. by   jessirose70
    hi is it the composite score of the teas or the individual subtest need to be a 57% each to get ranked?